1946 Was the Year This Man Never Wants To Leave


Ben Sansum is 41, and in 2020 he still lives like it’s the 1940s. Sansum claims to be fascinated by history, especially 1946. He has loved history since he was a boy and taken a keen interest in historical facts, pieces, and antiques. 

“I’ve always loved the 1940’s; there was no political correctness or binge drinking culture. Things were British made and built to last”

Ben Sansum
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Ben Sansum lives in 1946 – Source

Ben used to express his love by collecting memorabilia from 1946. But after some time, the history fanatic decided that he wanted to live in that time as opposed to just visiting it through his favourite things. Thus, Ben set out to reconstruct his whole living area to suit his passion. He had one goal —  to live in 1946. 

“I couldn’t live in a modern house now with modern interiors”

Ben Sansum

Here are a few fun facts about Ben’s life in the past. 

1940’s Victorian House — Source

His House is a Completely Restored Victorian

Ben works as a flight attendant, and you’d have to admit it might not get more modern than that. But the history buff has found a way to always return to his one true love. He has recreated his home, making it the perfect time machine. While he might live a modern life when he is outdoors, once Sansum steps through his doors, he is immediately transported back in time! 

The house he lives in is Victorian and completely restored. Ben brags about how everything in the house works and is in perfect condition. Sansum claims that he uses all of it, all the time and can vouch for the house’s functionality. 

1946 Storage Room – Source

Life in the 1940s is Expensive

According to Ben, he has spent over £10,000 to restore his house to feel like it’s 1946! Everything from vintage wallpapers to carpets, the kitchen stove, and entertainment sets are all from the 1940s. He has several antiques, including different sorts of furniture, a tin bath, pictures, news clippings, and so on. Even his toilet is from the 1940s!

Most of the items are so rare, they have to be shipped from outside the country at very steep prices. It has also taken the collector over a decade to find all the right pieces for his place. It might seem expensive to feed this passion, but this hasn’t slowed Ben down one bit. 

His Only Modern Concession is a Fridge and an iPad

That’s right; the 1940s themed-house does have one exception — a cooling fridge. Sansum makes this exception as a way to preserve his food. He even seems apologetic about the choice to allow one or two modern amenities into his 20th-century sanctuary. To make up for the concession, he does a great job of hiding them away. 

1946 Bedroom – Source

He Wouldn’t Mind Sharing 

Ben dreamed of having someone live with him in his old idyllic cottage. However, he soon realized that a life without modernization might be too much to ask of anyone. So while he won’t mind a partner living with him, he respects the choices of anyone that prefers a more-technologically advanced world to a much slower era. 

1946 Kitchen – Source

He Adores His Chore-full Charming Cottage 

Ben is quick to admit that certain chores come with living in this era. He has to do things like sweeping his chimney flue or fixing odds and ends. Still, he adores the charms of a much simpler existence. Activities like making tea on a stove, cooking dinner is a heated pan, or listening to old records on a gramophone always hit the right spot for a delighted Sansum. 

1946 Washing Room – Source

He Appreciates Technology but doesn’t Understand it 

Sansum claims that he really doesn’t understand technology, or Twitter and iPhones. As far as he is concerned, making friends on Facebook can not replace chatting up a neighbor. He believes that the world has lost a lot of its allure and charm. Ben is trying to hold on to the magic and appeal of the 1940s — and his home allows him to do that. 

A War Movie Piqued His Interest 

Ben grew up with his grandmother telling him stories of the good old days and reminiscing about how London was during the air raids. His mother also sang along to the music from that time. But the real clincher that sealed Ben’s love was a war movie. 

The movie Hope and Glory, an autobiography of the director’s childhood memories of the war, sparked a new level of adoration. Ben soon found himself enthralled with the 1940s and obsessed with history. 

Image result for hope and glory movie
Hope And Glory (1987) — Source

Ben has since chosen to live in the last century, and even serve as a tour guide for those who want to see it. He has kids come for tours and older people who come to reminisce about the pastime. Ben Sansum loves the much simpler life he has created for himself, and if you went visiting, you might too!