Post Malone Rosé Hits Shelves Soon!


The official Post Malone rosé has officially launched and will be hitting shelves just as summer begins next month. The carefully crafted rosé has been a labor of love and took over 50 separate iterations to get the taste just right and will undoubtedly make a splash amongst fans and winos alike.

Post Malone Rosé Hitting Shelves soon!

The rosé called Maison No. 9 will feature a blend of 4 different types of wine offering a delectable mixture of flavors arriving together with an overall citrus note of pineapple, pear, and strawberry. The name is drawn from inspiration around Post Malone’s favorite tarot card the Nine of swords. As you may already know, Post Malone is a big fan of weaponry, specifically swords as his face tattoos clearly state.

Grenache, making 45% of the mixture, is one of the most popular grape varieties in the world and provides a base for the rosé’s taste with it’s dry and semi-sweet flavor. Cinsault, making up 25% aids in dryness and elevates the aroma (or bouquet) of the rosé. Next up comes equal parts of Syrah, also known as Shiraz, and Merlot, which are both well-known grapes that give a fruity punch that compliments the dryness of the other blends. This incredible mix provides a pink sapphire color that tastes as good as it looks.

Maison No.9 by Post Malone – Source

Post Malone teamed up with friend James Morrisey and music manager Dre to create this new rosé and had this to say about the experience:

“When the three of us decided to do this, we made it a priority to make something special. Even with hectic travel schedules, we visit the winery frequently as it’s more than just a brand to us – it’s a lifestyle,”

Post Malone

Timing is perfect for a rosé with such a light and summery taste as the official kick-off of summer is rapidly approaching. Available in 3 different sizes be sure to keep an eye out for this new rosé!

Post Malone isn’t the only celebrity with a passion for side projects, specifically those that have to do with wine. It seems that celebrities and alcoholic (and even some non-alcoholic) beverages go hand in hand. While Post Malone isn’t the first to bring a rosé to the masses, the timing, coupled with his celebrity status, could make this rosé one of the most well known.

There’s no doubt that bottle after bottle of this rosé will be consumed this summer. Stay tuned for more as a review of Post Malone’s rosé Maison No.9 will be coming as soon as we can get our hands on a bottle!