Apr 14, 2020

Atlanta Falcons Release New Jerseys

Jeffrey Chin

Atlanta Falcons Release New Team Jerseys

On April 7, the Atlanta Falcons new jersey collection leaked, causing them to release it the next day (almost a week ahead of its planned release date). It has taken some criticism across the internet. Taking a lot of comparisons to the infamous Paul Crew and Cheeseburger Eddie lead Machine Machines, these jerseys might not be the answer. Even worse is the gradient. It’s whack. Everyone knows it. It’ll be worn on their first Thursday Night Football game of the year, and probably never again. The Atlanta Falcons helmets kind of hit different. The new matte black helmet with a silver mask is super clean. The oversized decal I can take or leave, but the helmets are definitely the diamond in a pile of dirt among this release.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Release New Team Jerseys

Right on the heels of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signing Tom Brady, on April 2nd, they released a brand new line of jerseys for the upcoming (pray to God it’s not canceled) season. I’ll admit, the jerseys were a little too simple for my taste. They felt like a practice jersey with the lack of decoration on the shoulder. That’s until I looked at their old jersey (starting in 2014). Those were so busy in the shoulders and mixed too many colors. It’s kind of like something a kid stuck inside during quarantine designed on NikeID. Releasing a jersey isn’t huge news, but in a time with no sports, it’s been covered by every news outlet and social page across the planet.


Are We Being Played like a Fiddle by NFL Owners?

With all these updated looks, it got me thinking about the New York Jets’s new uniform release that took a lot of heat too. I like to dabble in some conspiracy theories; so this is pretty on-brand for me. Do NFL teams release shitty jerseys on purpose to bump their sales!?

Think about it. The year is 2020. Arthur Blank decides the Falcons need an update. Next, he tasks his designers with some mock-ups, maybe brings in a couple of consultants to come up with a new look that the fans can wear for the next 10 years. But why release it this year? Fans are so deprived of sports, they see this whack new gradient and instantly buy it just to feel a little bit like a sports fan again. Now that fan can proudly say they own all of the Falcon’s jerseys.

Now, it’s 2022. Mr. Blank sees the terrible reception those jerseys got, and uncovers the real designs made by his team back in 2020, and releases an entirely new collection. Fans are so happy to get rid of these jerseys (that might as well say Maggot on the back), they rush to NFL Shop and buy one Home, one Away and one Alternate jersey.

Arthur is a great man, so this seems out of character. I mean, have you seen the food prices in Mercedes Benz stadium? But I’m pretty the Atlanta Falcons will have to release something new very soon. I’m pretty sure all the owners secretly wish they could do this and double their jersey sales. But I’m damn sure Goodell knows about all of this and decides to not tell us fans while he swims around in his Scrooge McDuck style pool.

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