Apr 23, 2020

Binge Watching During Quarantine – Top 20

Genevieve Montague

ince millions have been stranded at their homes during this quarantine period, many without jobs or have limited hours, a large majority of the population is finding themselves stranded on their couches. What better way to occupy your couch time than binge watching a new show. Whether you are a fan of drama, sci-fi, adventure, or even the odd tiger documentary, now’s the time to find a new show!

We spent the last 2 weeks watching numerous series on Netflix, Crave, HBO, etc and compiled a list that we think deserves to be binge-watched. Check it out!

The Office (American Version)- Netflix

The Office (NBC)

Based on the award-winning British show, The Office (American version) is centered around a film crew following around employees of a Pennsylvania paper company, Dunder Mifflin. The boss, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell), is the pinnacle of an incompetent, time-wasting boss who loves to joke around with his employees. Most characters lack general social skills so the majority of the humor is awkward, but the number of cringy interactions and outlandish pranks makes taking your eyes off nearly impossible. This show will have you binge-watching like never before.

Eastbound and Down- HBO/Crave

Eastbound and Down, Crave

This HBO produced show is focused around a washed-up baseball player, Kenny Powers, that returns to his hometown to teach gym at his old middle school. If you’ve ever seen any movie with Seth Rogan or any of his actor friends, this has a very similar feel but still provides countless adult humor moments. If you enjoyed “This Is The End”, this show won’t disappoint.

Ozark- Netflix

Ozark, Netflix

Like most people that binge-watch shows, they tend to flock to thrillers or crime series. Ozark finds itself perfectly in the middle of the two. Jason Bateman, a financial advisor from Chicago, moves down to the Ozarks of Missouri to help launder money for a drug kingpin. Unlike most of Jason Bateman’s feature films, he finds himself playing a serious role which truly shows his acting talent and adds to the gravity-like pull in binge-watching this show.

Stranger Things- Netflix

Stranger Things, Netflix

In the 1970s, a boy in a small town disappears, leaving citizens disturbed and shocked. A small girl named Eleven appears to the show’s protagonist group and exhibits some unexplainable extraordinary powers. Throughout the show, relationships grow amongst them all while trying to take on supernatural forces and save their town. Although it is technically a tv show, Stranger Things gives the perception of a feature film. Its critical acclaim is well deserved and has led to millions of people binge-watching this show’s three seasons.

Family Guy- Netflix/Fox

Family Guy, Fox

Originally airing back in 1999, Family Guy loosely resembles its counterpart, The Simpsons. Writer and creator, Seth MacFarlane, mixes crude humor with storylines that usually don’t run into the next episode. Peter Griffin, the show’s main protagonist, finds himself in sticky situations in which the family has to help him out in hilarious ways. After running for over 20 years now, the show continues its movement forward while the humor remains timeless.

South Park- Netflix/Much

South Park

Taking place in South Park, Colorado, the animated series follows the adventures of 4 young boys. Every member of the town seems to be incredibly dysfunctional and usually has distinct appearances depending on the theme of the episode. The creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker managed to make episodes with brand new, refreshing, albeit very adult-themed humor for decades now. In recent years, the episodes have been coming out every week, while content has pertained to the current climate of the world. The creators have managed to keep South Park as relevant as ever making binge-watching incredibly easy to do.

Criminal Minds- CBS

Criminal Minds, CBS

Episodes consist of FBI cases on obscure serial killers that have the potential to be catastrophic. A team of FBI agents that are experts in the psycho-analysis of killers, are tasked with these cases and prove to be very realistic and are sometimes based on real-life cases. Although the show has been losing air time on television, it’s shock value and thrilling storylines are exciting to watch unfold.

Lost- Amazon Prime


Similar to most motion pictures and shows produced by J.J. Abrams, Lost had a solid storyline with exceptional production. Passengers on a plane remain stranded on an island after it crashed. Dr. Jack Shrepard, played by Matthew Fox, and other remaining survivors, attempt to make life habitable in their new surroundings. Many actors like Daniel Dae Kim, Evangeline Lilly, and Matthew Fox have used Lost as a platform for them to broaden their acting portfolio and retain future acting roles.

Silicon Valley- HBO

Silicon Valley, HBO

Silicon Valley follows the lives of young engineers at a tech startup in Northern California. Starring Thomas Middleditch and TJ Miller as the main characters, the duo use their stand up comedy background to bring to life the lives of awkward, nerdy tech developers that have quickly taken over the business world. The show has the right amount of real-life scenarios that will resonate with any tech-savvy viewer, all while boasting traditional and terribly awkward humor making it the perfect binge-watching show.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air- Netflix

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, NBC

Based loosely on the real early life of Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air shows the difference in lifestyle and family dynamic for Will from when he moves from West Philadelphia to Bel-Air, California. Will’s sense of style, taste in music, and attitude all mirror his upbringing in Philadelphia but tend to get him in trouble in which his uncle Phil, played by James Avery, has to usually bail him out. Along with his best friend Jazz and his adopted family, Will builds the life that his mom always wanted him to have.

Friends- Netflix

Friends, Warner Bros. Televison

Friends is one of the most-streamed shows on Netflix even after its final episode aired almost 2 decades ago. The show follows the lives of 6 friends that all live in the same apartment (for the most part) and how they deal with relationship problems and everyday trials and tribulations. Unlike a lot of series nowadays, Friends ran for 10 seasons with an average of 20 episodes per season. If you or your significant other are finding it hard to pick something to stream, Friends is an easy go-to that never disappoints.

Community- Netflix/CTV

Community, NBC

After losing his ability to practice law, Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale), enrolls in Greendale Community College. Both the students and the staff prove to be somewhat eccentric in their own ways and help play to the stereotype of community colleges and the people that attend them. Chevy Chase plays an old, senile man that tries to take classes with a study group to try and rekindle his youth all while gaining friends. Donald Glover uses this show as his proving grounds for acting roles and productions in the future. This show doesn’t get the love that many of the other shows from the 2010’s get but it is truly a binge-watching gem.

Power- Crave/STARZ

Power, STARZ

Following the lives of the rich and powerful of the manhattan underground, Power is a standout show for those who love a gritty drama. Led by Omari Hardwick as Ghost, the cast seems perfectly constructed and produced. Similarly compared to Empire, Power was created by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and does draw some similarities to his introductory film, Get Rich or Die Trying. 50 Cent’s young life was filled with violence, drugs, and guns; which has translated seamlessly to media production.

The Wire- HBO/Crave

The Wire, HBO

Set in Baltimore, The Wire is centered around the intercity drug scene and how its products affect more than just the poor and helpless. The Wire shows the connection of drugs to crooked cops and political figures while also showing the never-ending cycle of incarceration that inter-city youth are subject to. Actors like Idris Elba, Lance Reddick, and Wood Harris all made large impacts on the series and went on to have successful careers in their own right.

Bates Motel- Netflix

Bates Motel, AE TV

For people looking for a binge-watching show that satisfies their need for thrill and murder, Bates Motel fills that void perfectly. Freddie Highmore plays Norman Bates, a teenager that works for his mother’s motel and is deeply disturbed. Set in Oregon, Bates Motel brings to life a new age, small-town “Psycho” feel. Throughout the episodes, Norman’s relationship with his mother becomes increasingly unsettling and sets up the finale perfectly. Bates Motel is occasionally on A&E but is also available on most streaming platforms.

Narcos- Netflix

Narcos, Netflix

The Netflix Original series Narcos tells the true story about Pablo Escobar and his drug empire in 1980’s Columbia. The story is centered around the bloody conflict that Pablo and his workers faced on a daily basis all while an American DEA agent has been sent to Columbia to capture and kill him. It has been noted that many of the scenes portrayed in the series are incredibly accurate. Since its final episode in 2017, Narcos- Mexico has come out with an additional season set to come out this calendar year.

Ballers- HBO

Ballers, HBO

If you’re a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as an actor and/or love football, Ballers could be a great option for your next binge-watching show. Dwayne plays a retired NFL player, turned agent, that has many high caliber NFL players as clients. The show regularly has real NFL players, who play themselves, as well as notable pop icons. Based in Miami, Spencer Strasmore (The Rock) finds himself trying to juggle being a friend, an agent, and businessman in one of the most cutthroat professional sports industries. Ballers allow Dwayne Johnson to show his regular humor that people are used to while also letting him showcase his serious acting chops.

Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet- Apple TV

Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet, Apple TV

For those that are into tech-based shows, are gamers, or that also love some of the same humor as Community, the Apple created series may be the next show you’ll be binge-watching. Mythic Quest brings to light much of the current world’s trend of gaming and everything that comes along with it.  Rob McElhenney plays a game creator that has become hugely successful all while his developers aren’t getting the credit they deserve. From the same producers that brought ‘Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, Mythic Quest marries nerdy humor and genuine workplace interactions. Although most people don’t necessarily think of Apple TV as a streaming service, Mythic Quest should change that train of thought.

You- Netflix

You, Netflix

There seems to be an interesting trend in most of the popular series nowadays. They usually base around a specific character that has a lovable characteristic about them, but is secretly a nut job and kills people in their spare time. You falls under the same thriller umbrella. Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, is a book store owner that finds himself stalking women that he becomes infatuated with. He turns his infatuation into “love”, in which he uses to justify his killings throughout. Although some scenes seem very far fetched, the acting stays consistent and is surprisingly addicting. It currently has 2 seasons out on Netflix but a third is set to come out in early 2021.

Our Planet- Netflix

Our Planet, Netflix

Like its predecessor Planet Earth, the Netflix Original is a wildlife documentary series that opens its viewer’s eyes to the ways that humans have impacted all walks of life on planet Earth. With incredible cinematography and narration by Sir David Attenborough, Our Planet exhibits the perfect symphony between education and entertainment. Do yourself a favor and binge-watch the whole thing, even if it’s just for educational purposes.

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