Sep 4, 2020

Cyberpunk Fashion - An Emerging Style for the Masses

Sergio Penguamo

hen it comes to fashion, styles are constantly evolving and changing. Influences come from all over and are often take inspiration from numerous influences. One style that has always been in on the fringe that has found more of a mainstream place in 2020 is that of cyberpunk fashion. 

Cyberpunk fashion has many names, techwear, cyberpunk, streetwear - all of these capture elements of a particular style. Futuristic, industrial, with military touches, cyberpunk fashion seems to answer our need for fashion that reflects a certain feeling about our current times and where our society is heading. As the real world seems to be moving towards the futuristic dystopia portrayed in video games, comic books, and film, it’s not surprising that people seem to be resonating with not only the idea of a futuristic dystopia but also embrace the style that seems to go with it.

Inspiration from Entertainment

As our technologically obsessed society plunges further and further into the future, cyberpunk fashion seems to reflect the aesthetic we’ve seen in futuristic entertainment concepts featured in films like iRobot, Total Recall, Altered Carbon, or the Cyberpunk 2077 video game.  What all of these have in common is the visually rich dive into a post-modern and highly cyberpunk society that all seem to share the same aesthetic elements.

Most cyberpunk fashion (blanket term here) makes use of clothing with utilitarian properties like waterproofing and high tech materials like gore tex.

Four people all wearing lack techwear outfits

Elements of Cyberpunk Fashion

The cyberpunk fashion aesthetic is a recognizable and multifaceted one. Some people aim for more of a minimalist vibe while some seem to gravitate towards a more militaristic look. There are even those who are more drawn more towards the cyber-goth aesthetic, blending classic elements of the goth style with futuristic or hyper-modern elements. Cyberpunk fashion also seems to blend elements of activewear in that most styles seem to portray the need for this style to be as utilitarian as it is fashionable featuring many pieces of clothing that have waterproof fabrics or coatings, zippers, clips, pockets, etc.

Techwear digital graphic

The more militarized or milspec styles seem to feature Japanese characters alongside English lettering also and have industrial touches like numbering, shapes, and utility components like straps, pockets, patches, etc. Even the names of the garments have military-themed names like ‘combat’, ‘panzer’, etc. Many people who enjoy the tactical gear of military surplus clothing and new tactical gear gravitate towards this style not only for the look but for the functionality.

Developing Your Style

The great thing about cyberpunk fashion is that it’s easy to mix and match items that fit the overall aesthetic. Because this style takes inspiration for so many different styles, building your own collection doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. While there is a top-tier level to this style where the cost of items can add up quickly, there are plenty of options that won’t break the bank. If you want to build your

Character illustrations of individuals in varying cyberpunk outfits

Many people who are interested in cyberpunk fashion can create their own versions of what they see and interpret their style how they want. Contrasting cyberpunk fashion with other styles too is a great way of creating your own expression. By emulating the styles you see online, or in movies, you can build your own style of cyberpunk fashion.

Cyberpunk Fashion Brands

While there are many brands that source clothing that fits this style there are some that are the most well known.

ACRONYM is one brand that many people purchase or take ideas from when crafting their own cyberpunk fashion style.

G-STAR is also another brand that adopted this aesthetic in some of their collections in the past and still proves to be a viable option for many. 

Machine56 is one of the most well-known brands that capture the 'techninj' aesthetic.

The cyberpunk subreddit also has a fantastic list of old and new brands that contribute to the overall style of cyberpunk fashion.

Superfuture also captures a great list of brands by category that are relevant to cyberpunk fashion.

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