Mar 25, 2021

Feeling Crafty? Use Monster Clay For Just About Anything

Kristin Kerr

et’s talk crafts - and on that note, let’s talk clay. It comes right out of the ground, right? Know when you see people spinning that calming pottery wheel? Well, believe it or not, they’re actually likely using some type of sculpting clay: either natural or oil-based. Oil-based clays are used for many things, and honestly, aside from the endless crafting possibilities that exist with molding clay - many animation artists use it to create detailed sculptures for animated frames. There are plenty of oil-based clays on the market. Chavant, Roma, and Plastilina are just some of the more popular brands to name a few. But Monster Clay is definitely high up there on the list if you’re in search of a new, but extremely effective oil-based clay. It’s the perfect clay for beginners or highly skilled molding professionals. 

What Makes Molding Clays Different?

Monster Clay is a popular oil-based molding clay, and unlike natural clays, oil-based clays cannot be fired in a kiln, or their wax and oil content would cause melting. Though the ingredients in most clays remain top secret, the majority of oil-based clays are made from a mix of oils (obviously), waxes, and natural clays. The nice part about Monster Clay and other oil-based clays is that it is reusable, making it such a great option for animation artists who may constantly bend and move their models around. Oh, and not to mention it’s also non-toxic...and comes in an oven-safe container!  


What Does Monster Clay Cost?

Well, higher quality clay comes with a higher price point attached to it. Because of this, Monster Clay and other oil-based clays are typically more expensive and more difficult to come across. A 4.5 pound block of Monster Clay can be purchased for about $30, but it’s important to not cheap out when purchasing your next clay. As the world's most eco-friendly sculpting medium, you definitely get what you pay for. Monster Clay’s smooth formulation features a low melt temperature and a low tack feel that will not stick to tools or fingers.


Monster Clay Sculpting Ideas?

Well, as we said, when it comes to sculpting with Monster Clay, the opportunities are endless. Of course, it is geared more towards the professional side of things, but even if you’re just looking for an afternoon of fun, or want to get into a new hobby - there are so many creations at your fingertips with Monster Clay. Many of the sculptures with Monster Clay mimic real-life creatures, such as movie characters, dinosaurs, actual monsters, and more. When you’re done sculpting, the project gets even more fun when it’s time to paint the mold. The detail that Monster Clay offers is truly unlike any other, and for that - it’s definitely worth checking out. 

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