Feb 28, 2021

This Gel Blaster is Amazing

Genevieve Montague

el blasters, water blasters, gel shooters, hydro blasters - they go by many names. They look a lot like regular water guns and come with a similar design, but instead of water streams as a projectile, the Gel Blaster fires water-soaked gel pellets that disintegrate on impact.

They do slightly hurt if shot at close range but why shouldn’t they?! Where’s the fun in having gun fights without making your friends squeal when you land a shot? The Gel Blaster offers a sting like an airsoft gun and the splashy mess of the paintball gun. 

Advantages Over Airsoft Guns

Gel blasters can't break skin like airsoft pellets can, meaning they are less painful and can be used by just about anyone in the family. Airsoft guns, unbenounced to us, are actually banned in some countries, making the gel blaster a more easily accessible toy. Cleanup is also easier than airsoft guns and more environmentally friendly. After a game of shooting a target or your enemies, the gel pellets explode into millions of tiny granules that actually evaporate. Airsoft BB's just end up pooling up wherever they were shot and need to be swept up after.

The Gel Blaster Surge

The Gel Blaster Surge starter pack comes with everything you’ll need to get started with the Gel Blaster experience. The pack includes the gun itself, a top-mounted gel pellet hopper that is battery powered, two packs of dry biodegradable Gellets (gel pellets), an automatic three-target module, a speed loader for refilling the hopper, a pair of safety goggles, and a soaking bucket.

Features of the Gun

The Gel Blaster Surge comes with an air-piston mechanism and an automatic firing function driven by built-in electric motors. It runs on an AKB Lithium battery that is rechargeable through a type-C USB port installed at the base of the gun and can give up to 5 hours of playtime on a full charge. The charging port comes with a rubber lid that goes over the port once you’re done charging to prevent water damage.

The gun comes in a combination of white, grey, and either blue or orange. Each pack also comes with a set of interchangeable blue and orange fin tips so you won't have to choose one or the other. Its firing mechanism is fully automatic, can be controlled with a safety on/off switch, and fires the Gellets at up to 150 feet per second and up to 100 feet away.

Using the Gel Blaster Surge

The pack includes a USB-C cable for charging the gun, and once fully charged, the Gel Blaster Surge is ready to go. Be careful with the rubber lid for the charging port as it can easily get misplaced.

Each Gellet pack contains 3,000 gel pellets. The pack came with both blue and orange varieties of the Gellets, giving you 6,000 rounds to fire at your target. To ready your ammo, soak the Gellets in water for two to three hours inside the included culture bucket. The pellets will absorb water into their full fire-ready size. 

When the pellets are ready, scoop enough into the speed loader and then fill up the hopper. Once the hopper is filled, screw it into the gun upside down so your pellets don’t spill out – and you’re ready to go!

To brush up on your shooting accuracy, you can use the automatic target to practice – and if you score well, you get cheers from the target’s speakers. Don’t forget to use the included safety goggles. Getting hit in the eye even with the pellets can be very painful and cause long term damage to your vision.

The Gel Blaster Surge also comes in family packs for multiple players and is a great starter-level hydro pellet gun for shooting enthusiasts.

To join in on the fun with the Gel Blaster, check them out on Amazon.

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