Jul 23, 2020

Nissan Juke with a GT-R engine for sale at $750k

Sergio Penguamo

ot many people have heard of the Nissan Juke R-R35. However, there are only three left in existence with two of those belonging to the company itself. So if you bought this part racing car, part Juke, part GT-R model for 750k, you’d be the only one around driving it — definitely!

Nissan Juke -jamesedition.com

Is this sweet ride worth you spending a sum only one-quarter short of a million dollars? Maybe if you checked out the engine, you could decide faster?

A rare car for collectors -jamesedition.com

What the car includes

This incredible car has the GTR’s 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo engine. This car can accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds, eventually hitting a top speed of 160mph — making this car the world’s fastest crossover! The car’s pugnacious attitude can’t be argued with, especially since it’s sporting a jaw-dropping 600hp.

Engine bay featuring the GT-R powerplant -jamesedition.com

Only one thing stops the Juke-R from matching the performance from the similar GT-R model. That one thing is the difference between their aerodynamics, as well as the GT-R’s lower curb weight.


Other than that, both cars are quite similar to their FIA-specification roll cage and unique split rear wing. You also get the GT-R’s suspension and drivetrain.

On the exterior, the car is a bit different from the original model — with side repeaters in the mirrors and not the wings. Also, it has a beautiful rear wing, sculpted side skirts, a new carbon-fiber diffuser on the underfloor at the rear, different wheel designs, and a brand new bumper in front.

Aggressive rear –jamesedition.com

But if you loved the Juke model, then this isn’t too bad an upgrade. Moreso because the interior still feels like a Juke except that the dashboard is more similar to a G-TR’s.

Interior –jamesedition.com
Interior –jamesedition.com

The seats are relatively high with the rear of the cabin filled with structural tubes, precisely like the regular Juke is. And once you get used to the “knees around ears” seats, you’d find it to be quite agile and capable of incredible things. So you basically have two awesome cars rolled into one superfast, nearly lag-free racing car.

Nissan Juke Racing Seats –jamesedition.com
Nissan Juke –jamesedition.com
Nissan Juke –jamesedition.com

Each prototype was built over 22 weeks. And although the cars were developed at NTC-E — Nissan Technical Center Europe — and RML, they still ended up with only one vehicle for public use.

Nissan Juke –jamesedition.com
Nissan Juke –jamesedition.com

Originally, SVM — Severn Valley Motorsport — built the Juke R-R35 with the parent company supervising. Taking this car from its current concept to the Juke R-R35 had to have required a lot of manpower and resources. With only one of its type left for public consumption, this car’s unique features only appear rarer.

Nissan Juke –jamesedition.com
Nissan Juke –jamesedition.com

We know we haven’t answered the question we asked — whether this is worth your money or not. That is for you to decide, but if we had the wherewithal, there’d probably be none left.

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