Jan 14, 2021

Hoodies - Everyone’s Favorite Clothing Item

Sergio Penguamo

veryone has a favorite hoodie in their wardrobe. It might be one with your favorite sports team on the front, one you got as a gift from a special person, or one that is so comfortable you practically live in it. The hoodie design itself can be traced back to medieval times and are one of those clothing items that will be loved for many years to come, if not forever.

Hoodie History

Many people probably don't consider that the hoodie actually has it's very own history. Dating back to medieval Europe the hoodie we now know today can be compared to what monks used to wear around the 12th century in England, which consisted of a head cowl and tunic, which would then be accompanied by other clothing items like robes or hooded capes.

In the 1930's the brand Champion created a utilitarian garment for New York warehouse workers to wear to combat the chilly working conditions many of them faced on a daily basis. Proving to be a very useful garment it enjoyed nearly 40 years as a utilitarian garment before it made its way into popular culture.

Starting in the 1970's the hooded garment started to gain traction thanks to the emerging Hip-hop culture of the time. In addition high-fashion and clothing designers started to use the hooded garment as a piece of clothing in their collections.

In the 1990's the term hoodie was coined and people started seeing them everywhere, most famously in the blockbuster film Rocky featuring Sylvester Stallone. Around the same time post secondary institutions started embracing hoodies by plastering their school names across the front for students who attended these institutions. Other social factions started to also identify with wearing hoodies such as skateboarders, surfers, as well as nerds, geeks, and gangsters. Hoodies are now largely considered a piece of clothing reserved for youth, but that hasn't seemed to catch on entirely.

Hoodies even have different names depending on where you are from. For instance in Saskatchewan, a province in Canada, a hoodie without a zipper is known as a "bunny hug".

Hoodies Reflecting Popular Culture

One phenomenon that has manifested itself over the last few years, certainly thanks to social media, has been the flood of creatively designed hoodies reflecting everything from memes and products to social causes and political movements. Over the last few years, we have seen hoodies being used as a platform for communication just as much as a fashion item. One of the great things about hoodies is that you can throw absolutely anything on them. At one time hoodies were either blank or simply featured the clothing company’s logo but now there are hoodies with imagery you would never have seen a few years ago. Now it seems like the rule is if it exists, there’s a hoodie of it. If you can dream it, you can have it on a hoodie. 

Take for instance the Ramen hoodie, a hoodie that simply features direct product imagery on an item of clothing. The product placement doesn’t stop there either, with so many branded hoodies now available you can find almost anything your heart desires. There are so many options of hoodie now that anyone is able to find just the one they like.

Choose Your Hoodie

Take a look at some of the options below, we've gathered a few fun hoodies that we think you might enjoy

From left to right we have a NASA hoodie, Carhartt hoodie, baja hoodie, virginity rocks hoodie, hentai hoodie, camo hoodie, ramen hoodie, Assassins Creed hoodie, OK boomer hoodie, knight hoodie, heated hoodie, galaxy hoodie, anime hoodie, minecraft hoodie, Deadpool hoodie, and a Harvard hoodie.

NASA hoodie, Carhartt hoodie, baja hoodie, virginity rocks hoodie, hentai hoodie, camo hoodie, ramen hoodie, Assassins Creed hoodie, OK boomer hoodie, knight hoodie, heated hoodie, galaxy hoodie, anime hoodie, minecraft hoodie, Deadpool hoodie, and a Harvard hoodie.

If you are looking to get your hands on any of these hoodies check the links below:

NASA hoodie - Carhartt hoodie - Baja hoodie - Virginity Rocks hoodie - Hentai hoodie - Camo hoodie - Ramen hoodie - Assassins Creed hoodie

OK boomer hoodie - Knight hoodie - Heated hoodie - Galaxy hoodie - Anime hoodie - Minecraft hoodie - Deadpool hoodie - Harvard hoodie

Tie-Dye hoodie - Black hoodie - Thrasher hoodie - Cropped hoodie - Hoodie dress - Playboy hoodie  

Sherpa hoodie - Cat hoodie - Grey hoodie - Star Wars hoodie - Flannel hoodie - Santa Cruz hoodie

With so many options to choose from, including getting a custom hoodie made or giving one as a gift, hoodies may very well be considered the best item of clothing ever.

World’s Most Expensive Hoodie

For those out there who are more serious about their hoodies, there is one higher-priced option out there if money is no object.

For only $16,523.00 you can get your hands on a genuine Louis Vuitton x Supreme hoodie. While this item is technically used, there are probably plenty of hypebeasts out there saving up to add this to their collections.

What started out as a garment of clothing to promote being humble under God like the monks of medieval Europe has now become one of the most ubiquitous articles of clothing in human history. Remember that next time your throw on your favorite hoodie!

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