Jun 11, 2020

How to Clip on Twitch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Anthony Balogne

“CLIP IT”. If you’ve never heard that phrase, you probably don’t watch Twitch Streamers. “clip that” or “clip it” are phrases often said by Twitch streamers directed towards their chat. People watching a streamer have the ability to screen capture a short video section of the streamer’s gameplay, for the purpose of distribution.

Here’s an example. NickMercs clutches a 1 vs 3 in Call of Duty: Warzone. He wants that clip to post on his Instagram; so he yells “CLIP IT”. His chat clips it. Nick now has the clip to later post on his Instagram and Twitter.

Nickmercs Twitch Stream Room Source

This might not seem like a big deal, but it has to be a cool feeling helping our favorite streamer, and knowing they used your clip on their social accounts.

Now that you’re caught up, you want in on the action. The following explains How to clip on Twitch. Information provided by Twitch

How to clip on Twitch- Desktop

How to Clip on Twitch Source

Clips can be created by hovering over the video player and clicking the clip icon. You may additionally also create a clip using the keyboard shortcut Alt + X on Windows or ⌥ + X on Mac.

After clicking the clip icon or using the keyboard shortcut, a new clip creation page will be opened in a new tab for you. On this page, you can select the video segment you wish to include in the final published clip using the selection slider. Once done make sure to give your clip a relevant title and click the Publish button.

Once your clip is published you’ll get to see the clip itself with additional information to the right including your title, the creator of the clip when the clip was created, and how many views that clip has had so far.

Below you’ll find a shareable link to the clip so that you can share it with others and quickly share links to post it to various social media sites.

How to Clip on Twitch- Mobile


Tap on the screen during the stream, past broadcast, or highlight you are watching to bring up the video options.

Tap the Share icon and tap Create Clip at the bottom of the share options.


Tap the screen during the stream, past broadcast or highlight you are watching.

Tap on the Create Clip button on the video player.

Managing Your Clips

To view popular clips made of a channel, they can be found under the Videos tab directly on the channel page and then by filtering for clips. You can filter by the most viewed clips from the past 24 hours, week, month, and all time.

Clips can also be found by game, with similar most-viewed filtering options and the ability to filter by language.

Clips can be a great way to quickly get familiar with a new channel or catch up on highlights you might have missed.

To manage all your clips including ones you’ve created or clips of your channel from a single place, visit the Clips Manager.

In the Clips Manager, you’ll see a table of all the clips you’ve created along with relevant information like the title, channel of the creator featured, the game being played, when it was created, and the number of times it’s been viewed. By default, you’ll be shown clips that you’ve created, but if you want to check out clips of your channel, you can select “clips of my channel” from the filter list.

You can sort by list based on plays and recency by clicking the corresponding column header. You can also filter by game or channel by entering a keyword into the filter option on the right side of the page.

From the table view of your clips, you can select an individual clip to watch the clip, view details, edit title, share, delete, or watch on the clips page. If you’re viewing someone else’s clip of your channel, you’ll also see moderation options (timeout user for 24 hours, ban a user from your channel, or delete all clips from video).

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