Jun 5, 2020

How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft-Step-By-Step Guide

Matthew Mann

Campfires in Minecraft can prove to be very valuable for your characters well being. Like in real life, help to fend off zombies (not a real-life problem….yet), produce light and cook raw food. Since it is so important to know how to make a campfire, we have created a step-by-step guide to make your playing experience that much easier.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Aquire needed items. For the campfire, you will need to get 3 sticks (sticks can be made using wood planks in the crafting table), 1 charcoal or coal, and 3 wood or logs (any logs from trees will work).


Step 2: Aquire a crafting table. If you already have a crafting table then this isn’t a big deal. If not, you must create one. To create a crafting table, take wood planks from your inventory, and create one using your character tabs.


Step 3: Add items to the crafting table. In the crafting table menu, place the 3 sticks, charcoal, or coal and wood/logs into the empty slots on the left side. It is important to note that the items that you place in the empty slots must be in the exact pattern as seen below or it will not work.


Step 4: Take the campfire from the crafting table. Scroll over the newly created campfire from the far right slot and drag into your inventory.


Step 5: Using the campfire. To use the campfire, place into your action bar like any of your other usable items and click its box. The campfire will not be placed where you have your arms hovering. Be careful to not step on the fire, as it will damage your life.


Watch the full tutorial below:

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