Jun 5, 2020

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft Step-By-Step Guide

Matthew Mann

n Minecraft, a lead is a tool that is more or less a leash like that you would use for a dog. Your character can attach a lead to a mob and then move them around. Your end of the lead can be tied to a fence to keep the mob from following you or getting away. Leads can also be used on animals to get them to follow you like a pet. Leads are available on Java and Pocket Edition on PC, both Xbox’s and Playstation’s and Nintendo platforms. Follow the step-by-step guide for an in-depth explanation of how to make a lead in Minecraft.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Aquire a crafting table. If you already have a crafting table then this isn’t a big deal. If not, you must create one. To create a crafting table, take wood planks from your inventory, and create one using your character tabs.


Step 2: Aquire 4 string and slimeballs. Slimeballs can be found as a dropped item when you kill a Slime; which are usually found in swamplands. The string can be acquired from killing a spider. Spiders are found throughout different land surfaces as well as caves.


Step 3: Place items into the crafting table. Take the 4 string and slime and place it into the empty slots in the crafting table.


Step 4: Take the lead from the crafting table. Scroll over the newly created lead from the far right slot and drag it into your inventory bar.


Step 5: Using the lead. To use the lead, place into your action bar like any of your other usable items and click its box. Use the lead to evade mobs or create pets out of wild animals.


To watch our full tutorial on how to make a lead, watch the video below:

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