Apr 17, 2020

Jay Glazer Under Fire for NFL’s First Case of Corona Virus

Genevieve Montague

n Wednesday, April 15, Jay Glazer teased the world of “big, big news” coming soon. The sports world lost its collective mind. Could it be the OBJ Trade? Gronk coming out of retirement for the Bucs? Luck coming back to the Colts for the ultimate duel with Phillip Rivers for starting QB? Every sports reporter speculated endless possibilities. And who could blame them? Radio shows are so deprived of topics that they’re willing to talk about anything.

Shortly after the speculation, Jay Glazer released a tweet that put a lot of rumours to bed. Never the less, with people Simming Madden Games just for some substance, he still had international attention.

Then the news broke which ended up with Rams center Brian Allen testing positive for the coronavirus and had nearly recovered.

Let’s just say a lot of people didn’t appreciate Jay Glazer using a global pandemic as a marketing device to boost Fox’s ratings.

It’s understandable why Jay did this. He knew the attention it would bring. There’s also a lot of talks that it’s disrespectful to Brian Allen in this tough time. Who knows, Brian might have told Jay on purpose. Did you know who Brian Allen was before this? I didn’t. The conspiracy theorist would say Brian got the virus on purpose to build his brand. But that’s highly unlikely.

Since this news broke, Von Miller became the second NFL player to contract Covid-19.

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