Oct 27, 2020

John Mayer's Net Worth In 2020

Kristin Kerr

rammy-award winning musician John Mayer is an American songwriter and record producer from Connecticut who specializes in a variety of music genres. Since beginning his musical career in the late 90s, John Mayer has achieved immense success in the music industry and has won a number of awards throughout his career, which have contributed to John Mayer's net worth. Talented solo artist, John Mayer has an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars. His music continues to gain multi-platinum status and is constantly well-received by critics. But wait, there’s more. Aside from John Mayer's Net Worth, he is also widely known for his off-stage antics, watch collection, and slew of celebrity girlfriends.

Growing Up

John Mayer grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut with two brothers and his parents, who were both teachers. It wasn’t until after watching Back to the Future where his electric guitar obsession was formed. After his father rented his very own guitar for him to play, he was unable to put the musical instrument down - he was obsessed. It even got to the point of becoming so focused on guitar, his parents took him to see a psychiatrist. Aside from learning to play, John Mayer also used the guitar as a means of escape when his parents' marriage went rocky from time to time.


Musical Takeoff

Like most artists, things started off small for Mayer. After all, John Mayer's net worth didn't happen overnight. During high school, John Mayer picked up performance gigs at local venues and bars, which eventually led him to join a band. It was also during this time he began to suffer from intense panic attacks and an irregular heartbeat disorder. Following this roadblock, he was prescribed anti-anxiety medication and began songwriting for the first time at 17 years old.

Career Takeoff

What was primarily his parent's decision, Mayer enrolled at Berklee College of Music so he could continue focusing on his musical development. His time at Berklee didn't last long. He and his friend Clay lasted only two semesters until they dropped out to form a band called LoFi Masters and relocated to Atlanta. John Mayer was interested in the pop music genre at the time and started working as a solo artist shortly after the band's formation.  Mayer’s first independent album, Inside Wants Out, was produced by Glenn Matullo became the first album among many to come.

Taking advantage of the digital revolution of music, John Mayer released an online-only album called Room for Squares in 2001. The album was picked up by Columbia Records shortly after and one year later, numerous songs began getting radio time, also contributing to John Mayer's net worth.

Different Genres

During the next part of John Mayer’s musical career, he released another album in 2003 called Heavier Things and won a Grammy in 2005 for the song Daughters. Straying away from the pop genre in this part of his career, Mayer began collaborating with blues and jazz artists to switch things up. This move resulted in his next album, Continuum, a career-defining album for John Mayer's net worth, which also won several Grammys.


Personal Setbacks

In 2010 John Mayer hit several roadblocks in his musical career. These setbacks included increased pressure from the media, vocal cord problems, and fears that his musical career had come to an end. This resulted in Mayer ‘disappearing’ from the world as he took a two-year hiatus from singing publicly.

The Comeback

Following John Mayer’s two-year hiatus, he made a public appearance in 2013 with his sixth album titled Paradise Valley. In 2017, the album The Search for Everything was released, which he called his deep and personal album. It's without a doubt that the release of this album had a large impact on John Mayer's net worth.

Personal Details

John has publicly announced several times that he lives an alcohol-free lifestyle after revealing he had been two-years sober in 2018. He also revealed that he uses cannabis in the place of alcohol. While many people are against substance abuse of any kind, when used in moderation, continued use can be beneficial.

Dating Life

John Mayer has never married, nor fathered any children. However, he has been known to date some of the most prominent female celebrities. To name a few, these include Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Jessica Simpson.


Watch Collection

It’s been reported that John Mayer has a well-known collection of expensive watches. In fact, his collection houses some of horology's most prized models bringing his collection to be worth millions of dollars. It was also reported that he had spent 25% of his entire net worth on watches. Mayer estimated his entire collection was with tens of millions of dollars with many pieces in the collection appreciating in value.


Real Estate:

In 2018, Adam Levine sold his $13.5 million Beverly Crest mansion to John Mayer. The 3.6-acre property features a 7,100 square foot house complete with its own gym.

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