Apr 7, 2021

One of the Cheapest Watches You'll Find

Matthew Mann

quick search online or at your local watch shop will reveal how vast the options for a watch today are. Therefore, when it comes to price tags, watches can sit anywhere between a few cents to millions of dollars, and even higher for customized timepieces with precious materials. If you are on the market for a cheap watch, your budget should typically sit anywhere between $5-100. Or should it?

Most cheap watches are usually replicas of much pricier authentic watches or less often, timepieces from renowned brands like the Casio that even though pocket-friendly are still considered high-end thanks to their functionality. So for a Casio watch that’s already cheap as it is, a replica should be absolutely dirt-cheap and we have just the one for you!

The Panars Casio Replica Watch

There are a few watches as pocket-friendly as the Panars sports watch, a replica of the $22 retro Casio A168WA-1 digital watch. It goes for just 1 cent on Aliexpress – you can buy 100 of them for just $1!

Key Features

The Panars watch features a 38.6mm digital display with a stainless steel case and band. It sports a brushed silver finish with a clasp closure that looks quite like that on the authentic Casio watch.

It comes with three control push buttons and a backlit luminescent display for night use. It also comes with a screwed back and offers multiple display modes.


The Panars Casio replica is cheap, almost too cheap and something has to give. First, its clasp closure is quite technical to use and will need some getting used to. Its finish is very clearly plated and unlike the authentic watch, it doesn’t look water-resistant. 

The Gold Version of the Panars Casio Replica Watch

The Panars Casio watch also doesn’t have any weight to its bulk, it is a featherweight. In addition, the poor design of its band makes it noisy and may be uncomfortable  for some people to wear as it does a great job at pulling hair strands.


The Panars replica watch stands above most replicas of the Casio A168WA-1 with its ultra-low price tag. At just 1 cent, the authentic watch is worth over 2000 Panars replicas.

If you really want functionality, then the extra $21.99 you’ll have to pay on the replica for the authentic watch is really worth it. However, if you are down to your very last cent, the Panars replica will come in handy. If not interested in the replica, get the vintage Casio watch instead on Amazon!

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