Feb 20, 2021

Replica Richard Mille McLaren Watch

Sergio Penguamo

ith unlimited funds there are plenty of things we would all love to buy. Some people want their own private jet, private island, or their very own mega mansion. Once you get past the major purchases though, your spending would most likely become more nuanced and more focused on the finer things. Perhaps your weakness is custom made clothing, cars, fine art, or limited edition watches.

With unlimited money you could build a collection of the most rare and expensive watches on the planet including the brand new Richard Mille McLaren which claims the title of the worlds lightest split-seconds chronograph tourbillon watch ever created.

Of course not everyone has $1,250,000 laying around to spend on this watch which brings us to the replica market for those who care more about how a watch looks than how it operates.

This replica is, at a glance, comparable to the authentic version and overall does a great job of mimicking the original. While not every single detail is exactly mirrored we can't hardly expect to see that in such an affordable replica such as this one.


Housed in Richard Milles famous barrel case shape this replica watch features a battery powered quartz chronograph movement unlike the automatic tourbillon the real version has. It's unclear as to the exact movement model this watchmaker chose to use in this replica but in our tests it seemed to work decently enough with all the functions, including the chronograph and date wheel functioning successfully.

The case itself is meant to mimic a carbon fibre and graphene machined version that is found on the authentic model and is built instead of lightweight yet durable plastic with textured graining and almost has a rubberized feel to it. The case on this model also features a badge underneath the face of the watch brandishing the model and series number just like the original.

The band on this watch is of black plastic construction that is comfortable enough for daily use and is integrated into the case creating a seamless plane from the wrist across the top of the watch face, a design cue that Richard Mille is famous for and is featured on many of their watches.

The skeleton face on this watch, even for a replica, is beautiful and incredibly intricate. Of course with an authentic version the owner would be able to see all the moving parts whirling beneath the multiple levels of bracing that make up this watch face. A replica owner will still enjoy the looks of this watch face even knowing it's not the real deal.

The caseback on this watch is a one piece design with a slight concave to the case which helps the watch sit comfortably on the wrist, which is an absolute must with a watch that is almost 45mm.

When it comes to replicas one thing many people know it that the waterproof rating should not be trusted or tested. On the back of the case this watch features a laser etched brand name amongst other items like water resistance rating, model number, and the country of origin which in this case would have been Switzerland. Unfortunately on the particular model we are reviewing the laser etching is done somewhat poorly making these details difficult read .

Replica watches are a controversial subject amongst the watch community. Many watch purists out there completely denounce replica watches as being hurtful to the watch market as a whole and further hurt the brands that are victimized by replica watches.

However, if you are the type of person who doesn't mind having a replica watch until you purchase the real deal you can find a link below for something similar.

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