Jan 15, 2020

River Table Design Copied By Millions

Matthew Mann

hat lengths would you go to acquire a one of a kind table? Black Forest Wood Company in Calgary, Alberta produces some of the most beautiful wooden masterpieces in the world. Black Forest’s river table design has been copied over and over, but the craftsmanship in their pieces remains unparalleled.

Humble Beginnings

Since the company’s origin in 1993, the owner, Brad Thomas, has found ways to create one of a kind household items made of the finest woods. From woodworking in his house to upgrading into a large warehouse and storefront, Brad has seen the fruits of his labor finally paying off.

Brad Thomas of Black Forest Wood Company via EcoPoxy

Originally, Black Forest had prided themselves in somewhat traditional tables, doors, and other fine furniture. During November of 2017, they attempted their first resin pour accompanied by a slab of walnut in a ‘river’ table. Just a month later, their Instagram post of the table went viral and their clientele base grew exponentially.

Celebrity Clientele

From clients such as The Nelk Boys, J.B. Smoove, and Zedd, the people of Black Forest have created quite a name for themselves amongst the famous. They now mix pigmented resin into many of their projects including wall art, tables, countertops, and benches. Pieces range from $1,000 to tens of thousands depending on the size and species of wood the client chooses. If you can dream it, they can make it and deliver it.

The River Table Process

Picking the specific slab and getting it ready for the mold. via Pouring $8000 of Resin Into One Table
Pouring the tinted resin into the voids via Pouring $8000 of Resin Into One Table
De-moulding the table via Demoulding Our River Rock Countertop
Applying finish Pouring $8000 of Resin Into One Table
River Tables by Black Forest Wood Company

The Black Forest Wood Company also has a very large social following with nearly 75,000 Youtube subscribers and almost 800,000 followers on Instagram. They are able to reach the masses with dozens of published videos that both show off their amazing works of art and river tables, while also educating the viewers if they decide to make any wood creations on their own. If you have the patience, make one for yourself. If you lack patience but have the money, call up Black Forest Wood Company to get that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that your home is lacking.

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