Mar 31, 2020

Super 1-1 Challenge Mario Clone Game Review

Omar Abubakar

urning the Super Mario game into a first-person shooter game was an unexpected idea. However, Sean Noonan worked to meet the popular Mar10Day or Mario Day and released a first-person 3D remake of the well-known game, Super Mario Bros. World 1-1. This version was dubbed Super 1-1 Challenge.

This Super Mario Bros level looks like it could have been Nintendo’s content, only extremely modified. It’s similar enough that they might have a cease and desist notion in the works, but we’ve heard nothing yet.

The Super 1-1 Challenge' 'Super Mario Bros.' First-Person Shooter ...
Mario Super 1-1 Challenge

Reviewing the Super 1-1 Challenge required us to play it a few times to get an overall feel, that led to what we call eventual mastery. Once you get over the fact that it’s a single level game, it would be easy for you to enjoy the game without too many expectations. Still, this isn’t the game you’d fall in love with and hand over to your grandchildren. It is just a fun stop along the way, and here’s why:

Super 1-1 Challenge Game Scenery

A Smooth Experience

The overall gameplay is incredibly smooth. The player shoots at objects and AI-controlled enemies with a plunger gun. There’s also a sense of adventure as you can shoot at crates to get coins and other game freebies, just like in the original game.

Mapcore Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 Challenge - Update Video - YouTube

Great Adaptation

The Super 1-1 Challenge is a pretty accurate adaptation of the original Super Mario game. As a player, you can go underground and climb wall towers just like in Super Mario. Also, you can only progress to the next level by climbing a flagpole. It’s basically Super Mario with a gun, an increased range of control, and — of course — the first-person perspective.

It’s Super Addictive

The Super 1-1 Challenge is remarkably addictive. As soon as we cracked it, we couldn’t stop playing it. After several rounds we got bored, but we had already managed to beat our high score repeatedly. Once we got bored, we took to loading it up and just blasting through the obstacle course. In our opinion, its addictiveness has to do with the graphical experience. More importantly, it’s sound, and audio features make for an engaging adventure.

First Person Mario | The Super Mario 1-1 Challenge - YouTube

Short and Sweet

Sean Noonan developed the game for an educational project. Basically, it was designed as a one-tier game that meant to be played as a quick game. The Super 1-1 Challenge has only one round that can be completed in ten minutes. Over time, when you know where to go, your game time may drop to five minutes or even less. It’s a pretty short and sweet play, and it’s probably why it’s so likable. Definitely, die-hard Super Mario fans would love to check this out. Also, if you have a thing for first-person shooter games, then you’d enjoy this super challenge!

First Person Super Mario Bros Gameplay Demo (2020) - YouTube

These are a few features of the Super 1-1 Challenge that make it pretty fun, but the part to look forward to is the creativity of new developers. It will be interesting to watch the brilliant ideas the new generation of designers come up with. Undoubtedly, we are looking forward to the original ideas and entertaining games to play!

It would be awesome to play with this game with a classic Gamecube controller! Check out the trailer below!

The Game’s Quick Trailer

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