Jun 8, 2020

The Agent Provocateur Conspiracy Surrounding BLM Riots

Matthew Mann

n the place where Mr. Floyd so unnecessarily lost his life, an interesting video has appeared that suggests some of the drives to destruction are indeed being manipulated by outside forces; hence agent provocateur. the term agent provocateur sheds light on the strange happenings following this tragic event.

The shocking murder of George Floyd in broad daylight by a police offer in Minneapolis has shocked the world. Protests, both peaceful and otherwise, have shaken the United States. And all over the world people have come together to call for action.

In the initial wave of protests, looting and property destruction were pounced upon by the right-leaning media and President Trump. Unsurprisingly, the president has chosen to pursue his own agenda and claimed to be the President of Law and Order in the face of the violence on the streets.

Rather than accept that most of those protesters are doing so out of frustration against a system that systematically oppresses people of color, the president and the White House have attempted to play up the violence as being caused by organized groups of Antifa.

With even the FBI stating that it is right-wing groups rather than the radical left trying to stoke up tensions, the truth would seem to be far from the alternative fact version that the greatest power in the land attempts to force into the official narrative.

A Potential Agent Provocateur During the George Floyd Protests – Source

Umbrella man

Carrying a black umbrella despite the heat, and fitted out in an expensive-looking gas mask, a tall man dressed in black systematically smashes windows with a hammer.

Clearly, apart from the rest of the protesters, this man appears to be here to simply cause trouble and incite violence. What’s more, this man is white.

This is the strang scene that plays out in a video uploaded to Twitter before the real looting took hold in Minneapolis.

Who the man is and what his intentions remain a mystery. And this is where the agent provocateur conspiracy evolves.

Umbrella Man — Source

A still from the Twitter video clearly shows that umbrella man is white. Even Minnesota’s attorney general Keith Ellison got involved in the story, tweeting:

Pink pizza guy

Bizarrely, umbrella man randomly smashing windows for no apparent reason is not the end of this story.

In the Twitter video, umbrella man is seemingly confronted by a man wearing a pink T-shirt and holding a pizza.

Pink Pizza Guy – Source

It appears to be pink pizza guy and other people’s interventions that encourage the umbrella man to stop what he is doing and leave the scene.

The strange thing here is that in another video, pink pizza guy and umbrella man can be seen walking together. Pink pizza guy may still be trying to find out what is going on with the umbrella man. Nevertheless, in the video, they appear to be walking quite calmly together without much being said.

Pink pizza guy was also seen in another video explaining why he was taking part in the protests. This video was filmed before the weird umbrella guy incident.

A bigger problem

Whoever umbrella man is, and whatever his intentions were, there are clearly many more important things to be worrying about at a time like this.

Unfortunately, when even the president tries to force conspiracy theories on the world rather than take responsibility for what is going on in his country, these stories will serve to distract from the real issues that need to be dealt with within the United States right now.

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