Mar 25, 2021

The Best Cheap Portable Vacuum?

Genevieve Montague

acuum cleaners or vacuums have come a long way from the 1860-invented ‘Carpet Cleaner’, a manually powered vacuum cleaner that created suction using bellows. Modern vacuum cleaners are now mostly electric, come in a host of sizes and power ratings, and even combine blower and vacuum functionality into one. However, the vacuum cleaners you’ll find in a home share one flaw; they are not the most portable units which is something that should be emphasized.

Enter portable vacuum cleaners! These units typically come as battery-powered handheld units that even though aren’t nearly as powerful as corded units, make up for this with their carrying convenience. You can also charge and use them while on the go. With that said, even with portable vacuums, there is a wide price spectrum. If you are looking for the best cheap portable vacuum, then we just might have the one for you!

The Baseus Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Baseus car vacuum checks most boxes every portable vacuum cleaner should: It is compact and portable, comes with a great design, and most importantly, very budget-friendly.

It goes for $35 on Amazon and includes a set of accessories for different cleaning needs in your vehicle.

Key Features

The Baseus car vacuum is designed for vehicle owners who need a vacuum for the most basic cleaning needs. It comes as a cordless 15V battery-powered unit that is rechargeable via a USB Type-C port with an included USB Type-C cable. It features a black ABS and polycarbonate composite construction that places it at just about 1.3 lbs. It also generates a 5000 Pa vacuum which is impressive for its compact dimensions.

Included in the box are three interchangeable cleaning nozzles – a cleaning straw, a cleaning brush to scrub and suck up dirt simultaneously, and a cleaning nozzle hose for multi-purpose suction. The vacuum cleaner boasts of a two-in-one suction and blower function, with the cleaning straw attaching to the blower end for getting rid of dust in your AC vents. Carrying the vacuum around is easy and while it can fit into your cup holder or side pockets, it also includes a microfiber carrying pouch with a drawstring closure for convenience. 

The vacuum cleaner also comes with a single sliding button control. Once it’s charged, you simply slide the button and it comes on. The dirt collection system consists of reusable dirtbags and a screw-on bin that is very easy to remove, clean, and replace. 


The Baseus vacuum cleaner does come with some flaws: First, it takes longer to charge than it works; it takes between two to three hours to be fully charged and gives only 18 minutes of run time. Secondly, it runs quite loud and may not be the best to use in your library for example to get rid of crumbs of whatever you shouldn’t be eating. Lastly, the dirt compartment is small and won’t hold large dirt. 

However, its flaws are merely consequential of its combining high power suction into an ultra-compact unit, and for its price tag, they are easily forgivable. The Baseus car vacuum is a great buy for anyone who wants vacuum power on-demand anywhere.

What are you waiting for? Purchase it on Amazon today!

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