Apr 21, 2021

Libero Gold Playing Cards

Sergio Penguamo

ased on their assigned symbols and values, poker and playing cards have not changed much for centuries. But to create a sense of novelty coupled with new interests in cards as collectibles, playing cards now come in a host of designs. More emphasis is being placed on aesthetics for card design. Playing cards also make excellent gifts to players and collectors alike. 

However, like with all fancy items and more so for cards used in betting games like poker by elites, playing cards can get very pricey. Some circles and game houses even use cards made with real precious materials all for the love of luxury. 

Whether you are looking for a new deck to add to your collection, to gift a friend, or one that looks luxurious but without the huge price tag, we’ve got just the one for you!

The Libero Gold Playing Cards

The Libero Gold playing cards put up a good show of authenticity and look great.

They also come at a $4 price tag, making them an excellent budget option.

Key Features

The pack comes with an attractive 24K-gold finish with the signature Benjamin Franklin ‘100-dollar bill’ photo on the front and back. Included in the pack are 54 cards in total; 52 playing cards and two extra. Each card comes with the traditional symbols and assigned values on one side. On the other side is the Benjamin Franklin photo identical to that on the 100-dollar bill and also that on the pack. A faux gold foil and an embossed finish give each card a beautiful 3D effect and shine that’s really golden. 

The gold background also gives excellent contrast to the assigned values on the symbol face that come in black and red. Each card comes with a plastic-paper blend that makes it flexible, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. In addition, also included in the pack is a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ card that claims that each card comes with an authentic Gold foil plating. 


The Libero Gold playing cards, however, are quite thin and bend easily, but this is compensated for with their flexibility. The finish on the cards makes them slick and may require some getting used to before you can shuffle them easily. In addition, the claim of a real gold foil is clearly misleading. Authentic gold foil plated cards start around $1000 and can go much higher depending on the amount of gold used. 

However, this deck of cards looks really good and has a very beautiful shine. They look fancy and for their price tag, we consider the deck worth it. Check out this deck of cards today on AliExpress!

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