May 24, 2021

The Best Insulated Water Bottle

Anthony Balogne

hether you are working from home or enjoying the great outdoors, you can do yourself and your beverages a great favor by getting a great water bottle. However, drinking enough water to stay healthy is a little easier if you have a water bottle close at hand. 

With the modern eco-trends to save the planet and preserve the environment, there has been an increased need to reduce plastic waste, especially bottles, straws, and plastic bags. So, most people opt for reusable water bottles that are functional, with a great look and feel. 

Unfortunately, finding the product best suited to your need and style may seem somewhat daunting amidst a sea of choices that feature different designs, shapes, and specified features. If you intend on putting an outdoor gear or an office pack together, an insulated water bottle will be a complete fit. 

The Linus Tech Tips Water Bottle

Suppose you are on the market for an insulated water bottle. In that case, chances are you want long-lasting products since reusable water bottles are a must-have item regardless of your daily schedule – hydration still tops as a foremost need for all. The durability, temperature control, portability, and aesthetics of the Linus Tech Tips (LTT) water bottle places a high premium on it. However, you still get it at the same rate as other similar products. 

It is one of the several tech-themed gear and clothing products from the LTT store and is interestingly welcomed by the community and even those from other industries. These water bottles look a lot like your regular products, although they feature some aesthetically pleasing designs on the casing of the bottle. 

Key Features 

The LTT water bottle features excellent insulation and thanks to its thick vacuum insulating layer, it can keep your hot drinks for up to 8 hours and 16 hours for the cold ones. This trumps the temperature control and insulation of your everyday water bottles. Additionally, LTT insulated water bottle can hold up to 21 fluid ounces (620 ml) and has a heavy-duty casing, durable and long-lasting. Further, it cost just $30, which falls within the average cost of top-grade water bottle products.

It equally features a nicely textured body. The tech-themed designs on the bottle come off as both classy, sleek, and sophisticated; a plus for creative and design-loving users. LTT insulated water bottle also comes in a beautiful box packaging with bubble wrap, although you don’t get to use those after unboxing. 

On the flip side, it is essential to note that this product is not dishwasher safe and should not be placed in the freezer or microwave. In addition, the design of this product does not support the long-term storage of liquids

The Scoop 

Do we think this product is worth the rave and price? Definitely! The inherent features are note-worthy, and the price is relatively affordable. What’s not to love about the LTT insulated water bottle? This is the best pick for you if you love classy and functional products.

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