May 24, 2021

The Cheapest RFID Wallet Reviewed

Sergio Penguamo

FID short for Radio Frequency Identification is a technology invented for the automation of identification and data capture. RFID entails the use of radio waves to digitally transmit data with a radio. Items that use RFID technology include ID cards, credit cards, and passports. As useful and seamless as RFID is, it can pose a security risk to users through the activities of data skimmers. From a distance, data skimmers can get unauthorized access to personal and confidential data stored on RFID-enabled cards. This vulnerability led to the development of RFID wallets.

RFID wallets are special types of wallets that provide anti-RFID protection to items stored inside them. Simply put, they keep RFID data thieves at bay. RFID wallets work by creating a barrier that blocks off the electromagnetic field surrounding sensitive cards stored inside them. Without the electromagnetic field, data skimmers cannot initiate any remote data transfer from your cards.

The price of RFID wallets is often a turn off for most people. They cost between $50 and $200. "Why do I need to carry such an expensive wallet around?" is often the first thing that comes to mind when people hear the price. Worry not, we have a budget-friendly RFID wallet for you.

The RFID Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Compact, low-profile, and effective are three qualities of this RFID wallet. In addition, when compared to regular RFID wallets, the RFID Carbon Fiber Money Clip is exceptionally pocket-friendly at $4.

Key Features

The RFID Carbon Fiber wallet is portable and lightweight, thanks to its carbon fiber shell. It is also very pocket-sized; you won’t have to worry about carrying around a bulky wallet that protrudes right out of the pocket.

The wallet can hold up to seven cards at a time. This means it can safely keep seven cards safely tucked away from data skimmers without having to prioritize one over the other.

The wallet sports an additional clip on the outside. The clip can be used to firmly hold cash or any other item like business cards and receipts. Alternatively, the clip can be used to attach the wallet to your belt.


Getting a specific card out of the wallet may be a little straining when the wallet holds more than four cards. Doing this every time you need a card is not exactly convenient.

Secondly, at this price, the RFID blocking feature may not be as effective as those you will find in high-end products.


Yes, we consider this RFID worth it. In spite of its cons, the RFID Carbon Fiber Money Clip provides value for money spent. For its $4 price, it does an excellent job of keeping the cards safely stored. While we do not expect its RFID blocking feature to be on par with more expensive ones, you can rest easy knowing that you have an extra layer of security for your cards.

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