Mar 23, 2020

Tupac Shakur BMW Auctioned For Nearly $2 Million

Omar Abubakar

o you collect music memorabilia? If you have a thing for unique items that have been present for exciting parts of history, then this is for you. Better yet, if you loved the music prodigy that died in an assassination 24 years ago, you might be willing to splurge $2million on the last place he was seen alive.

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Tupac Shakur a Hip Hop Legend

Tupac Shakur was fatally shot in his BMW 750iL in September 1996. Recently, a Nevada dealership listed the car for $1.75 million on Celebrity Cars Las Vegas.

On its website, Celebrity Cars Las Vegas writes that Death Row Records leased the vehicle after the superstar’s death. This is the first time that the car would be listed for sale in the 24 years since Tupac’s death.

The car is said to now be completely renovated to its original condition before the fateful incident. The only exception is a small dent that is believed to be a result of a bullet on the night of the assassination.

Furthermore, the dealership claims that they have reinstalled the original tires. These tires were on the BMW the night Tupac Shakur rode in it for the last time.

Tupac Shakur‘s BMW

Suge Knight drove the car on the day Pac was shot as he was leaving a Mike Tyson fight at MGM Grand in Vegas. According to eyewitnesses, he and Knight were shot multiple times by an unidentified assailant. Tupac didn’t die until a few days later while being treated at a hospital.

Tupac’s Career

Before his death, the musician had already released four platinum albums. He has also had seven more platinum albums released posthumously. The 25-year old inspired so many people. He’s been through a lot in his life, which includes several altercations with the authorities, including cop shootings, and even being shot multiple times. The legend’s music will live on forever.

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Regardless of the timing, owning the car that Tupac got shot in will be huge for any die-hard fan of his. For someone who has sold over 75 million records worldwide, almost $2 million shouldn’t be too much of an ask.

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BMW 750iL
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