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Introducing Malone Post, a unique twist on popular news.

Malone Post is a global online-based news site delivering a variety of trending, up-to-date pieces on a wide range of industries. Why? Well because we love to mix things up, and more importantly, we like to provide something for every reader. Whether it’s related to vehicles, lifehacks, politics, finance, sports, or traveling, each article is written by our team of professional journalists and content developers, each with an individual touch.

What originated in Canmore, AB in 2018 as a small start-up has now developed into a recognized news organization headquartered in Calgary, AB. Malone Post strives to create authentic content that fosters real-world impact so we can provide readers valuable information on current events and what is happening in the world today.

Regardless of who you are, what part of the world you are in or what your beliefs and biases are, you can count on us to assist you in navigating current events and what is happening in the world we live in today.

You’ll notice Malone post popularizes pieces with heavily attractive, must-click headlines. This is because we never want to bore our readers, and we understand the power of purposeful, but playful content. In addition to entertainment news, you’ll also find pieces on real-world events, scientific discoveries, food, beauty, and more.

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