How to Dye Glass Blocks in Minecraft-Step-By-Step Guide


To give your house in Minecraft a more homey feel, you might want to dye the blocks to give it that stained-glass effect. Once you learn how to dye glass blocks in you can use this skill to create some incredibly beautiful things and places. Do you want a castle made of blue glass or even a house made of red glass? Maybe it’s a cottage made of green glass or a mansion made with all the colors put together. Whatever it is you want, you’ll need how to learn this skill first before creating all the wonderful things in your imagination.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Aquire a crafting table. If you already have a crafting table then this isn’t a big deal. If not, you must create one. To create a crafting table, take wood planks from your inventory, and create one using your character tabs.

Crafting table to dye glass blocks in Minecraft

Step 2: Place glass blocks. Place 8 glass blocks into the crafting table slots, with whichever color dye you would like in the middle of the blocks. Dyes can be made from various items like flowers, Lazarus, cacti, bone meal, etc. Colors reflect the natural color of the item, so options are limitless for stained glass blocks.


Step 3: Take stained glass blocks. Take dyed glass blocks from the right slots in the crafting table and place in inventory.


Step 4: Use glass blocks. Glass is smelted as full-sized blocks and can be placed as such. It his transparent to light and is very fragile. Once broken, it cannot be picked up and re-used.


Use the following table below to achieve the specific color you would like to obtain:

ColorWhat You’ll Need
OrangeOrange Tulip
YellowDandelion Sunflower
RedRose Bush, Poppy or Red Tulip
BlueLapis lazuli Ore
Light BlueBlue Orchid
PinkPink Tulips or Peony
BrownCocoa Plants
BlackInk Sac from a Squid
Cyan DyeGreen Dye and Blue Dye
Purple DyeRed Dye and Blue Dye
Gray DyeBlack Dye and White Dye
Lime DyeGreen Dye and White Dye

Watch our in depth video for a simple guide through the process.

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