Nov 22, 2021

5 Simple Internet Connection Issues And Their Solutions

Sergio Penguamo

he internet is something everyone has become used to as one of the essential parts of life. With time, it has been made available all over the world, with speeds increasing as time progresses. Even though the internet is now a commonplace amenity and is available almost everywhere, there are still numerous accessibility issues. You might have faced any of them, and felt extremely frustrated when you need to get something done, but your internet is simply not cooperating. 

This can be due to a variety of reasons, all with their own simple fixes. Of course, you might not be able to figure out what the exact problem is immediately, but once you do, you can get around to resolving it. Furthermore, you’ll be glad to know you don’t need to be a computer genius to understand what sort of connection issues you’re facing. Usually, you’ll be going through one of the following issues, each of which has some pretty simple solutions.

Slow Internet

Your internet may be slow for a number of reasons. This can range from anything to router placement issues to an issue with your device. This can also happen if your ISP puts data throttles on your connection. 

If that is the case, then use a heat mapping software to figure out where the best place is for your router. If you want to cover a large area, you might have to get boosters as well at various points in the house. Alternately, your router might be outdated. In that case, you should get a new router, and you’ll see your connection improving. If all else fails, contact your ISP to see if there’s an issue from their end.

Connectivity Problems

Sometimes, you might have trouble connecting to the internet. The first thing to do in that case is check your device’s settings. If those are okay, restart the Wi-Fi adapter on your laptop or restart your phone. If that doesn’t work, restart your router. 

Furthermore, if you have numerous devices using your Wi-Fi connection, you might have to fiddle with the frequency and channel settings of your connection. Once you get on a less crowded channel, you’ll be dealing with a much smoother connection.

DNS Configuration Issues

Often, you might have seen a message saying ‘DNS server not responding’ when you try to open certain websites. DNS basically refers to the domain name system, and is the mechanism which dissolves the domain name into a set of numbers and returns it as an IP address. If there’s a glitch somewhere in this process, you’ll get a DNS error. 

To deal with this issue, the first thing you should try is changing your browser. Usually, that will do the trick. Otherwise, try disabling your firewall, as it could be blocking the server for some reason. Even if that doesn’t work, try changing your DNS server. This requires a bit of technical knowledge, so do your research before you attempt it.

IP Address Problems

Sometimes, you’ll get an error which says ‘address already in use’. This means that there is an IP address duplication issue. Usually, this is because of a problem with your router’s default DHCP configuration. This happens when you introduce a new device to the network, and that device has its own DHCP configuration. In that case, you should disable the DHCP configuration of the device, so that it doesn’t interfere with the router’s own configuration.

Furthermore, your ISP sometimes only assigns you a limited number of IP addresses. If that is the case, you should get a standalone router to get you your own pool of IP addresses. Additionally, you can also fiddle with your router’s DHCP settings to expand the pool of addresses you can use.

Network Down

There are times when no matter what you do, your internet is simply not working. Then, you should confirm it by trying to connect other devices. If that doesn’t work, then there might be a problem with your network. Often, there might be a problem at the ISP’s end or a cable might have been cut.

Then, you’ll have to call up your ISP and confirm whether that’s the case. Once your complaint is lodged, you’ll just have to wait until your issue is fixed. 

To sum up, most common internet issues are quite easy to solve and do not require much technical know-how.

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