May 11, 2020

2020 NFL Schedule Released

Genevieve Montague

fter multiple leaks, the wait is over! The 2020 NFL schedule was released May 7th.

2020 NFL Schedule – Source

Here are some of the highlights and fun facts regarding the 256-game, 2020 NFL schedule.

  • Tom Brady will be making his Buccaneers debut in a Week 1 road game against Drew Brees’ Saints.
  • The Chiefs will kick off off the NFL season by hosting the Texans in the Thursday night opener.
  • The Thanksgiving games are: Texans at Lions will kick things off followed by Redskins at Cowboys and then Ravens at Steelers last.
  • The Dallas Cowboys will be traveling to Los Angeles in Week 1 to face the Rams in what will be the first game ever played at SoFi Stadium.
  • The Saints and Vikings will be playing in the first NFL’s first Friday game since 2009.
  • Week 2 will be the first-ever NFL game in Vegas between the Saints and Raiders.
  • Kirk Cousins primetime problems, resulted in the Vikings only receiving 2 primetime games.
  • Redskins did not get one primetime game, only thanksgiving.
  • From Nov. 23 to Dec. 19, the Ravens won’t play a single Sunday game.
  • From Weeks 2-6, the Joe Borrow lead Bengals will play four of five games on the road with those games coming against the Browns, Eagles, Jaguars, Ravens, and Colts.
  • Somehow the Bears have 4-night games…
  • The Saints get to open the stadium in Vegas, play in Tom Brady’s first Tampa game and get to play on a Friday. Pretty wild schedule for New Orleans
  • Dolphins and Bengals on Sunday Night set the stage for Borrow vs. Tua.

The NFL has yet to release a plan for the evolving Covid-19 situation. Hell, who knows if any of these games will happen, let alone if fans are in attendance. Regardless, the 2020 NFL schedule is a small glimmer of hope that sports will be returning slowly.

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