Jun 25, 2021

8 Reasons Why You Should Own a Rolex

Sergio Penguamo

olex is one of the most popular luxury watch brands in the world. Even if you know absolutely nothing about watches, watch collecting, or horology in general, chances are you know the name. While some people out there may simply buy a Rolex to say they own one, some may be more interested in what makes a Rolex so special. In this article, we jump in to find out more about what makes these watches so highly coveted.

Turn Heads

Rolex doesn’t take the cake for the most luxurious Swiss brand. In fact, it’s not even in the top three. This goes to Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constanin and Patek Phillipe. While the brand doesn't make the top three in the world Rolex is arguably the most popular luxury Swiss manufacturer.

Rolexes turn heads as they look good. The aesthetic of the brand has dictated designs mimicked by hundreds of other companies around the globe and still do today. Rolex has created designs that have become refined over the years to establish themselves as recognizable from the brand. With small touches and attention to detail the fanbase for the brand continues to grow.

Investment Potential

Not all watches and watch brands rise in value. However, the more expensive ones often do. There is a good chance that the Rolex you buy would appreciate regardless of the model. Of course, what would influence this would be how well you take care of it, rarity, materials (gold, platinum, rose gold, etc.). Out of the many models the brand produces their factory output is still around 1,000,000 pieces per year. The top five models that often do appreciate are:

  • Rolex Day Date
  • Rolex Submariner
  • Rolex Yacht-Master
  • Rolex GMT Master
  • Rolex Daytona

Special editions featuring unique dials, themes, and even watches previously owned by famous people have a high value for collectors. Even the vintage market for Rolex watches sees these models hold value across decades of ownership.


Whether you’re spending a lot or a little on something, you’ll want it to last. Rolex watches are expensive so they should be durable. One of the reasons the manufacturer’s pieces cost so much is because they are built to withstand almost anything.  

Quite a few Rolexes feature the signature Oyster case. Not only do the cases look good, but they have thorough waterproof seals. This ensures the movement of the watches are protected from dust, moisture, water, and adverse weather as a result.  

When it comes to the divers out there Rolex has a number of models that are suited for taking out to sea. One in particular is the Rolex Deep Sea. This model that can withstand a depth of 12,800 feet making it one of the most capable watches on the planet.

Rolex is known for testing components thoroughly, often far beyond the conditions they will ever be subject to. The company subjects their timepieces to every day conditions repetitively to ensure the customer will have a watch that will last for generations to come.


Rolex is a Swiss brand. Some of the world’s most luxurious watch companies are from the region – their units partly cost so much because everything is made in-house, as well as assembled by hand. This is true for Rolex as well. From the largest piece to the smallest pieces assembled under microscope, Rolex takes care of it all.

In comparison, Japanese timepieces are made through very automated processes, and while still being excellent watches, are crafted in a radically different way compared to their Swiss counterparts. 

Speaking of craftsmanship, the legacy that Swiss timepieces have makes Rolexes worth your while too. Everyone in the watch world knows that Swiss watches are superb in quality and hold their value better, even the less expensive ones. 

You can expect the craftsmen working for Rolex to be some of the best in the world. A lot of the craftsman that work for them have been a part of the company for decades. Rolex watches are more than simply time pieces, they are art that tells time.


Let’s talk about Rolex’s history. Something important to all watch collectors is horology and heritage. They go for timepieces that are built well and are from a name that has heritage. Rolexes tick both boxes. As mentioned, all of their parts are made in-house. Some of the world’s leading experts make the parts - a lot of them have been a part of the company for decades. The fact that everything for their mechanisms is assembled by hand also adds to their horology.

The history behind the company is great as well. They have been around for over 100 years, and some of the world’s most influential names have worn Rolexes. Names you’d be impressed by would include Winston Churchill, Paul Newman, and Steve McQueen. In fact, Martin Luther King Jr. has worn one of their pieces too. 

The brand is commonly associated with CEOs. If you have to seem like a successful businessman, you’d snag a unit from the manufacturer.


Since Rolex was first conceived, it has been putting out ultra-precise mechanisms. The brand’s watch technology is constantly being refined to be up to date. We discussed how everything is made in-house and assembled by hand. This is one of the ways Rolexes are so accurate – there is less room for error. 

You can rest assured that the Rolex you pick up would work well. Before being shipped off, the watches are sent to an independent Swiss Chronometer testing institute.

Innovative Material

Purchasing timepieces from a brand that’s innovative with the materials they use would make your watch look luxurious. Rolex is just the brand. The alloy they use is not found elsewhere. They use 904L stainless steel instead of the regular 316L. The material is incredibly resistant. However, it’s hard to produce – Rolex notoriously had to replace all their machinery to accommodate the production of the steel. 

That’s not the only innovative production means the company can boast of. They famously combined several different ceramic colors on pieces. Just take a look at the GMT Master II; the blend of the colors is a work of art.

5-Year Warranty

Although this isn’t the sole reason to buy one of the manufacturer’s pieces, it is an important factor. You’ll be getting a 5-year long warranty for any of your purchases. 

Rolexes are well worth your time. You’ll be purchasing timepieces that anyone would be impressed by. What’s great is that the Rolex symbol is iconic too. Even some of the world’s most influential people have worn devices from the Swiss manufacturer. This includes Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. Although Rolexes are costly, you can think of them as investments. The ones that are in limited supply would rise the most in value. Of course, how well you take care of them would also affect this.

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