Jan 16, 2021

A New Year = A New Arc in the Dragon Ball Super Manga

Sergio Penguamo

ith the conclusion of the Moro arc, many fans have been speculating on what comes next with the introduction of this new lore, especially since characters such as Freeza or Broly not making an appearance during the most recent arc.

The celebrations of the Z fighters were short lived, as elsewhere in Universe 7, a new potential villain has been introduced: Granolah.

Granolah in the Dragonball Super Manga

This mysterious character is from a race known as the "Cerealians", which is a new race being introduced into the franchise. His backstory isn't anything ground breaking, but Granolah still believes that the Saiyans have been vanquished, and that Freeza is still alive.

While it is true that Freeza is now currently alive, he did die twice before, and Saiyans do reside on Earth, implying that our new villain has been completely out of the loop with what has been going on in the Dragon Ball story up until this point.

Granolah and Oatmil however, do reveal an interesting tidbit: It was Saiyans who destroyed his people and planet, leading to the logical conclusion that the motive for this arc will be revenge.

What adds credence to this conclusion is that the manga spoilers do show a planet being purged and rid of all original life forms; an attack conducted by Freeza and his army. There is a great shot of a Giant Ape with a very familiar scar on his face, leading to the speculation that Bardock, the father of Goku, was involved in this attack.

New Manga Draft Showing Great Ape With Bardock's Signature Scar

If it is indeed Bardock, it is entirely possible that Granolah will confuse Goku with someone he detests, which can be the reason for their battle. It is also possible that Granolah hates the Saiyans as well, leading to the conclusion that a fight could be inevitable even if the confusion is cleared up. The bad omen of the Oracle Fish having trouble falling asleep could spell trouble for the protagonists.

OG73 is still alive, and will be involved in this arc as well. It will be interesting to see how Granolah's power could withstand a Saiyan in Ultra Instinct, especially when you consider the fact that as far as we know he is a mere mortal; Goku has been fighting enemies that have levels of strengths that now matches the Gods.

Only a few more days remain until chapter 68 comes out, and a lot of questions remain: Will there be a bigger villain introduced later on? Will Granolah end up being a bad guy turned good like so many of Goku's current allies? How involved will the other Z fighters be in this arc? Will there be a new transformation for Goku and Vegeta? What will Freeza's involvement be?

Stay tuned for the next exciting arc of the Dragonball Super's Manga by Toyotarou!!!

The Chapter 68 Summary for those of you who are interested in seeing some spoilers are below!

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