Feb 12, 2021

AliExpress USB iPhone Charging Bracelet

Sergio Penguamo

reative solutions that make our lives easier are a multi-billion dollar industry. Everything from voice-activated lighting in our homes to apps that help us find our lost car keys, there seems to be an infinite number of solutions and gadgets that make life just a little bit easier. 

One gadget that lives in the pockets and purses of people all over the globe is the iPhone. With over 728 million iPhone users out there, keeping your phone charged when you’re on the go is important. However, carrying around a phone charger isn’t exactly ideal. The bulky inverter and cord fit well enough into a backpack or purse, but for those who are minimal in their every day carry, bringing along a phone charger isn’t wanted cargo.

Thankfully enough there is a solution that is easy to carry, inexpensive, charges your phone, and is fashionable to boot!

This $2 USB powered iPhone charging bracelet is a brilliant answer to having to charge a device on the go. Many people have easy access to a USB port in their day-to-day lives, whether it’s their home computer, work computer, laptop, or charging station on the train, bus, or at the airport. Even portable battery banks can make use of this bracelet.


While basic in its construction, this bracelet has some features that suggest that it will last for a long time to come. At one end there is a standard USB plug and at the other end a lighting plug exactly like the one you would find on the standard Apple charger. The strength and quality of the bracelet seem durable enough for daily use but certainly reflect their price.

This bracelet can also be used and stored in different ways and you could hook it onto a wide variety of things. You could hook it onto a backpack, through a keychain, or somewhere in your car. This bracelet could also be ordered in a variety of other colors depending on your preference. 

One drawback to this iPhone charging bracelet is that, unlike conventional bracelets, this charging bracelet cannot be sized. It also is somewhat difficult to put on your wrist with only one hand. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be useful. As mentioned above you can still make use of it by attaching it to other places than just your wrists.

If you are a forgetful person and on the lookout for a charging cable that can come in handy, consider checking out this USB iPhone charging bracelet!

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AliExpress USB iPhone Charging Bracelet

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Sergio Penguamo
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