Begode ET MAX - The World's Most Extreme EUC

Sergio Penguamo

s a leading name in Electric Unicycle (EUC) technology, Begode has consistently set benchmarks with its innovative designs and performance. The Begode ET MAX, their latest release, is a testament to this legacy, presenting a groundbreaking 168v model that's already making waves in the EUC community.

UPDATE: This informative guide walks through all the specifications of the Begode ET Max with new up-to-date footage:

Begode ET MAX

Begode ET Max Specs

Although there is limited information on this EUC, compared to what is on the market right now, we can see improvements in key places. Boosted voltage to 168v makes this wheel a contender with the Extreme Bull Commander GT Pro, except the Begode ET MAX will come with a 4,500W motor surely delivering noticeable power and torque over existing wheels.

Noted specifications from Begode include:

- 3,000wh battery 168v
- 4,500w tile type electric motor
- 8 parallels 48 Mosfet 1,200A
- 20A charging and discharging port
- 180km/h freespin
- CNC mainbody structure
- Bi-directional adjustable spring suspension
- 130mm suspension travel
- Smart BMS
- Front and rear handles
- Street tire

Begode ET Max advatages
Begode ET Max product concept

The Begode ET MAX At a Glance

If you are already familiar with many of the EUCs the Begode already makes it should come as no surprise that this wheel will utilize many pieces of older models. At a glance, we can see the familiar 4 LED headlight that we see on the Master and the T4. This light is relatively decent and will likely be the same unit on the ET MAX. The taillight seems to be following a new design concept and seems integrated into the body panels themselves, allowing the light to emit through the panels which are likely semi-transparent. Time will tell if that design choice was a good one, as from the look of the wheel this area may become damaged during a crash. Although, without any preproduction images of the real unit this is speculation.

Begode ET Max Features


The body of the EUC, now wearing a full metal CNC construction looks to be thin and tall with quite a bit of battery hanging below the foot pedals. While the metal housing of the batteries should provide adequate protection, aftermarket bumpers will only add to a piece of mind. From the images, the pedals seem adjustable in height with 4 potential height adjustments for riders to choose from. Its slim but tall body design will likely mean power pads will protrude from the stock body, requiring aftermarket fairings to be fitted to the ET MAX.

With that said, the stock pads with this wheel may be good enough to ride with long-term, adding value overall. The stock pads themselves are tailored to the shape of the ET MAX with no overhang. Typically, stock power pads simply don't provide as much stability when accelerating and braking compared to aftermarket pads like Grizzla, Clark, or Kinetic. However, as EUC manufacturers listen more and more to the community of riders buying these wheels, it would be in their best interest to start making quality stock power pads.

The kickstand of the ET MAX looks heavy-duty and seems to mount to the back of the body. Only test rides will confirm whether or not it will clip when going downstairs but the initial angle of it from the publication imagery suggests that there should be adequate clearance.

Begode has shown this model with a street tire, perhaps classifying this model as more of a road racer than a trail blazer. However, if the only thing stopping this wheel from being an epic off-roading machine is a tire swap surely many riders will be doing so, likely opting for a Shinko 241.

Begode ET MAX suspension


New wheels always bring with them a healthy amount of speculation as to whether or not they will stay true to their original form and specification, or whether production models come into reality radically different than proposed. There are many things we simply don't know about this wheel at the current moment, things like top speed, range, speakers, beep warning speeds, and the like. However, pre-production models sent out for review by popular YouTube channels will surely discuss and touch on many of these points while sharing their independent perspectives on the Begode ET MAX.

Each EUC manufacturer has certain things that beg improvement, and Begode is no stranger to this. However, only time will tell how the Begode ET MAX performs in the real world.

Technical Improvements

Riders will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with what Begode calls their "latest reinforced controller" and should deliver impressive reliability and diagnosing capability. With improved load capacity this board should deliver some very impressive feedback for riders.

Begode has also created a new motor specifically for this wheel utilizing a tile-type option. This choice, while somewhat uncommon in the context of electric motors, offers better modularity when having to replace or upgrade individual components. Although more complex to manufacture the platform of the tile-type motor offers more customization by manufacturers. The tile-type motors are also larger on the whole compared to straight panel motors potentially paving the way for more extreme performance in future iterations.

Begode ET Max controller
Begode ET Max battery
Begode ET Max motor

Get Your Begode ET MAX

At publishing of this article only Alien Rides is offering pre-order for the Begode ET MAX offering buyers a 50GB and 50S battery option ($3,900 USD and $4,100 USD). These prices reflect a $200 discount offered through Alien Rides, otherwise buyers will be looking at 50S - $4,300 USD and 50GB - $4,100 USD.

Begode ET MAX Alien Rides

EUC's in 2024

There's no doubt that EUC manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo one another when it comes to improved specifications. While the higher end of EUC options continues to improve the mid-range wheel options will surely inherit some of the positive attributes of these flagship wheels. Higher-end wheels seem to dictate more than just technical specifications but allow manufacturers to push the limits of existing technology and try out new options never considered before.

Surely there will be even more contenders to the Begode ET MAX coming in 2024 as Inmotion has yet to answer this model by Begode. As new models become available the bar set reaches ever new heights.

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