Feb 23, 2021

Best LED Desk Lamp

Matthew Mann

ith the pandemic forcing many employees to work from home, it's been interesting to see how people are coping with the new changes and how they're making their home into a workspace. Deciding on where to set up your desk is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to setting up the ultimate home workspace. Once you've decided on that then comes the organization of your documents, finding a space for snacks and water, and of course getting a good lamp.

With the explosion of e-commerce in the last few years, the variety of products available to the ordinary consumer are staggering; desk lamps are no exception. Whether you go direct to the producer or use a service like Amazon, the possibilities are endless. With so many products available, we thought it would be helpful to narrow down the search to one very good, very affordable option.

The NULED Piano Desk at first glance looks like your typical desk lamp but the construction and features set it apart drastically. With some clever features, a slim design, and minimal footprint this NULED lamp is a fantastic option.

Features and Construction

The NULED Piano Desk Lamp features a powerful and bright 10W LEDs that is very diverse in its lighting capability. The bulbs can display a color range from 2,700-6,000 Kelvin. Colors range from a cool white light at 6,000 Kelvin to a warmer yellow light at 2,700 Kelvin. Additionally, there is a medium setting that displays a mixture of both lighting modes. Once the light setting is chosen, the light will remember that specific when you turn it off and on again. To help diffuse the light across your work surface, there is opaque plastic sheeting that covers the bulbs so there is minimal to no glare.

The overall construction of the lamp is impressive. With the exception of the swiveling head on the top, the entire lamp is made of an aluminum-alloy and boasts a very sturdy base. It was very important for NULED to incorporate such a sturdy base because of the folding ability. Both the lamp “wings” can stay parallel to each other or go completely 180 degrees to one another. In addition, the lamp stem can adjust from a straight vertical to parallel with the floor. The adjustability of the lamp lends perfectly to any application. Although NULED calls it a piano lamp, the adjustability allows the light to be configured into a reading lamp, camping lamp, artist light, computer light piano lamp, night light, and almost any other light you can think of.

The base has a central area where the light controls are located. These buttons are touch sensitive and are a nice feature to find on a product like this. Usually small details like that are overlooked on affordable products but this NULED lamp really impressed us with this.

The  packaging also includes a lengthy micro-USB cable for power and an AC adapter so you can choose whether to power it off a computer or plug it into a wall socket.

Overall, this lamp is a great addition to anyone’s workspace and for the low price of $48, it is a no-brainer. To get your hands on one of these fantastic lamps, visit Amazon for the lowest price.

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