Dec 30, 2019

Breakfast Dishes From Around the World

Jeffrey Chin

reakfast dishes are as diverse as cultures and languages are. You can be munching on croissants and drinking tea at a small cafe in Paris, or filling up on all sorts of bacon in Germany. You can even choose a creamy cornbread cake in Brazil or have sweet coconut jam on toast in Singapore. It’s all up to you and wherever you find yourself, of course!

Countries all over the world have different ideas of what breakfast should be. Some like it light and fluffy, while others prefer it heavy and seasoned. Either way, they all agree on how essential it is.  As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Food is a part of every culture. Customary dishes and practices vary. So do eating habits. Admittedly, everyone’s palettes and preferences differ. Therefore, there are extensive differences in what people from different parts of the globe choose to eat. Often, these major differences in food tastes are geographical.

While some countries are fine with on-the-go-snacks for breakfast, others prefer a sit-down type of breakfast. There is no right or wrong way to eat the first meal of the day. There is only what is normal in different places all over the world.

Delicious and Diverse Breakfast Around The World

If you are the traveling type, you know by now that food can be a hit or miss. So, we tried some countries out for you. Some meals stood out for us in different cultures. We think they are colorful, creative, and quite sumptuous. Here is our list of rich diversity from over 20 countries around the world!


In Amharic, breakfast is called “qurs.” Amharic is the official language in Ethiopia. It also appears like porridge is the official “qurs” meal. While there are other meals, porridge is by far the most popular breakfast dish.


There are several varieties of porridge meals in Ethiopia. One of such varieties is kinche. But, genfo is quite common. You can make genfo by mixing barley flour in boiling water. After a period, you get a sticky dough. Next, shape the genfo like a mound, with an opening in the center. Fill the hole with some complex spices blend and butter blended with berbere. To finish, a dollop of yogurt is added to the edges of genfo.


Japanese Breakfast

The Japanese love savory food. Much of what is considered breakfast here will pass as a regular meal almost anyplace else. Many mornings, a table will have an array of small plates. Typically, each plate will contain a traditional Japanese dish. Dishes like miso soup, rice, vegetables, fish and tamagoyaki are common to see.

Tamagoyaki is a rolled omelet made from fine layers of egg. It is usually made in a rectangular pan, guaranteeing its signature shape. The result is a slightly sweet dish. Lastly, breakfast may feature tofu with fish and rice soaked in soy sauce.


Swiss Breakfast

A traditional breakfast called birchermüesli is a granola-style blend. It contains fruit, oats, and nuts. In addition, the Swiss serve it over thick yogurt. Mostly, the traditional meal is for the weekdays. It is easy to make and easy to consume. Of course, weekdays are usually busier than the weekends, where the Swiss will arrange more elaborate brunches.

A Swiss brunch can consist of a large amount of food. Often, foods like roesti, cold cuts, cheese, braided egg bread, honey jam, and butter are served. Roesti is potato pancakes, while the braided egg bread is similar to brioche from the French. Additionally, the brunch table also has a centerpiece, which is typically zopf – a type of Swiss bread.  


Icelandic hafragrautur

Depending on what you want to do with the day, Icelandic breakfast dishes are plentiful. A simple morning meal will include a bowl of hafragrautur, which is a thick oatmeal. Mostly, it is garnished with raisins, nuts, skyr, and sugar. Skyr is a type of cultured fresh cheese resembling thick yogurt.

If you are searching for something more energetic, try adding the lysi to your breakfast menu. Lysi is very popular in Iceland. Children take shots of lysi daily, from a very young age. It is cod liver oil filled with vitamins necessary for healthy living.


Singapore Breakfast

In Singapore, open-air food courts thrive! Here, it is common to see people eating bowls of curry noodles as a breakfast dish! Secondly, kaya toast is a popular hawker-style breakfast in Singapore. Kaya is a flavorful jam made of eggs, coconut milk and pandan leaf, giving it its vibrant green color. Natives fill the toasted sandwich with this culinary delight, and is quite yummy!


Australia Breakfast

Australia’s breakfast theme is similar to cafe culture. They come with an assortment of fresh produce and whole grains. Morning meals range from a classic avocado toast to rice pudding with seeds, berries, and yogurts. Also, a farro bowl is quite popular. The meal has pickled vegetables and a poached egg as toppings. This “brekkie” is delicious! Again, to down all the fresh produce is the famous “flat white.” Flat white is the famous Australian espresso made with a lot of steamed milk.


Argentina Churros

Facturas is an umbrella term for pastries made in Argentina. They come in a lot of shapes, flavours, and sizes! For instance, the medialuna is a brioche in a shape similar to a croissant. Then, there are fried doughnuts – bolas de fraille and bombas too.

Another breakfast specialty is churros. Churros have fillings of vanilla custard and are stuffed in chocolate. The custard is called crema pastelera. A plate of facturas is delicious when you pair it with coffee or caffeinated Yerba.


Turkish Breakfast

Turkey is popular for the Kahvalti – a breakfast spread. There are many snacks in this breakfast feast that will leave you feeling satisfied. Kahvalti includes a chewy flatbread, olives, honey, spices, bread – simit and pide – butter, cucumbers, jam, eggs cooked with slices of sucuk, dried beef sausages spiced with homegrown peppers and garlic. Evidently, breakfast with the Turks is not dull!


Moroccan Breakfast

Mint tea and semolian breads are a typical Moroccan pair for breakfast dish. Types of semolian bread include baghirir and harcha. The baghrir is a thin, rounded pancake with tiny holes and butter and honey toppings. Interestingly, this light semolina bread can be quite filling. In contrast, an harcha is thicker than a baghrir. It has a biscuit-like feel with a crisp crust to finish. They go well with cheese, butter, honey or traditional jams.


Brazilian Breakfast

Pao de queijo is baked cheese rolls, which are puffy and quite the mouthful. You can consume these treats on the go. However, a variety of Brazilian bread is perfect for a full morning meal. The bolo de fuba is a cornbread-style cake that has a creamy, moist texture. You make it from shredded coconut of grated Parmesan cheese. Natives serve this delicious cake just like your regular pound cake.


Mexican Breakfast

In Mexico, chilaquiles are the popular breakfast dishes. Chefs tear up stale tortillas and add them to a tomato sauce. You can garnish the dish with meat, spices, and onions. Next, baked the deal for some time. Then, top it with queso fresco, eggs, and cilantro.

Another type of breakfast goodies includes beef tips. Nachos, cheese, and beans are a tasty alternative too.


Tunisian Breakfast

Labilabi is a spicy chicken pea soup. Some cultures will consider this too savory for the first meal of the day. But not the Tunisians. The best thing about labilabi is how cooks use special spices to customize it. Each cook has their preferred variation, as long as it contains harissa paste and chicken pea. Hence, these two essential ingredients help set the tone for the wonderful Tunisian soup!

Some ways to eat it include adding yogurt, olives, lemons or stale crusty bread. All variations are filled with different flavors! Lastly, combine it with a poached egg for an exquisite finish.


Popara is an old favorite of many Bulgarians. You prepare it by pouring warm tea or milk over cubed bread. That will also include butter, sugar and crumbled Bulgarian sirene cheese. You leave it to soak until it becomes as soft as a porridge or bread pudding. Then, it can be served for consumption.


Bulgarian Breakfast

Ukrainian syrniki pancakes are crisp golden brown on the outside. Inside, they are soft and fluffy. A perfect way to start a day, you make the lovely mouthful from farmer’s cheese- tvorog. Ukraine’s tvorog is similar to cottage cheese.

The syrniki pancakes are topped with powdered sugar, fruits, honey, or preserves. Their distinctive taste also makes it easy to pair them with sour cream for a savory finish!


Jamaican Breakfast

The national dish, Ackee, is served as a pear-shaped fruit. Sautéed with tomatoes, garlic, salt cod and chiles, the meal is a real treat! Ackee has a spicy, salty and sweet combination of tastes, making it as exotic as the tropical island itself.

United States of America

American Breakfast

America’s breakfast preference is fairly popular. You simply need a stack of fluffy pancakes, a pile of bacon and all the toppings you can handle. Toppings include maple syrup, butter, chocolates, blueberries, honey, and pecans.


Russian Breakfast

Ever had caviar for breakfast? If you visit Russia, you will quickly find yourself indulging like this! Caviar is a top morning meal choice in Russia! It is spread over sweet rye bread. On more formal occasions, diners use red or black caviar for thick oladyi pancakes or folded blini. Most importantly, you should always down the meal with a pot of black tea.


Taiwan Breakfast

A cup of milk can be nutritious. However, the dòu jiāng takes nourishing milk to a different level. Taiwan’s fresh soy milk is a specialty and popular with the locals. Restaurants and street vendors make this every morning for their customers. They serve the dòu jiāng cold in the summer and warm in the winter.

Also, dumplings, scallion pancakes, and dough fritters act as sides to the drink. You can even mix it up by dipping your dough fritters in the dòu jiāng for a treat.


Malaysia Breakfast

Nasi Lemak, a coconut milk rice is a favorite in Malaysia. You can garnish this repast with anchovies, cucumbers, beef rendang, roasted peanuts, spicy samba sauce, and boiled eggs.

To serve it, traditional cooks wrap it in banana leaves. The leaves affect the flavor and taste of the meal. But even without the traditional packaging, nasi lemak is still a delicious delicacy.


Egypt Breakfast

Egyptian morning meals are tantalizing with spices and vegetables. You can make the signature dish – Foul Madamas, with fava beans, garlic, chickpeas, lemon, olive oil, tahini sauce, cayenne, and vegetables.


Phillipines Breakfast

Chefs make a sinangag from fried mangos, garlic cloves, salted rice, and longganisa. A longganisa is a little sausage. Then, they combine the local dish with meats, eggs, and beans to make a nutritious meal.

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