Cartoon Cafe Makes You Feel Like You're in a Dream

Anthony Balogne

What if we told you you could visit a real-life 2-dimensional comic book? The cartoon cafe is a white and black world of graphics that will make you feel like you just walked into a movie or video game. 

Many natives love the Korean TV show “W” where the cafe’s idea comes from. In the show created by Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-Joo, a young girl can enter the world of comics whenever she chooses to. Eventually, she ends up falling in love with a comic character in the 2-dimensional world. 

Inside a dream - Source

The Design of the Café

Young Eunjin Lee owns the cafe in Seoul, and she wanted to create something different from the usual. YND239-20 is a delightful spot filled with super cute 2D cartoon artworks, perfect for Instagram pictures and videos. The interior of this bizarre cafe was cleverly conceived to resemble a monochromatic illustrated existence. The real-world optical illusions will have you posting tons of pictures from your pen-and-paper dimension. 

YND239-20’s real-life furniture blends in seamlessly with the wall art — a white paint-through with every object outlined in black pen-like strokes. So it feels like you’re inside a 2-dimensional cartoon world that a madcap artist drew out. The decor includes several cartooned items like zany picture frames, a dog looking through a window, cartoon trays with tea mugs on them, doors, cabinets, flowerpots, and even drawn-back curtains!

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Another interesting feature of the cafe is its name YND239-20, which it gets from the Seoul address: Yeon-Nam-Dong 239-20. Lee wanted the cafe to be easy to find and remember.  

Now that the cafe is world-famous, they are looking to expand into a franchise. It will be thrilling to see what other worlds and cool cafe names the franchise has in store for us. We sure hope this comic book cafe comes to our city! 

Check out photos of the cool black-and-white world below.

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