Sep 15, 2020

Cool Lights For Your Room: Top 6 Affordable Lamps

Ven Daniels

ighting is one of the most important elements in your bedroom, and with today's technology and unique designs, there are a lot of impressive lamps on the market. Some use bluetooth technology, wifi, remotes, and some are just simply stunning to look at no matter the tech included. A great lamp will make all the difference in your bedroom, both functionally and aesthetically. It will help you see what you're working on, or simply provide that ambient experience to set the mood for any occasion. Here are the top 6 affordable lamps for your room:

1. HYODREAM 3D Moon Galaxy Lamp

Do you love the solar system? Are you fascinated by the wonderful planets that surround our beautiful earth? Look no further than the ultra-luxurious moon lamp by HYODREAM. There's a touch switch underneath the globe and it features 7 different colors, and multiple brightness and lighting modes. This lamp is powered by a 500mAh polymer-lithium ion battery supporting a self-claimed 24 hours of lighting, or by USB. With a 4.5 star overall rating on Amazon, reviewers generally love the lamp, mentioning it being very fun, great quality, a great gift, and especially loved by children.

Check out the moon lamp here on Amazon!

2. LBell Night Light Projector 3 in 1 Galaxy Projector

Continuing on with the outerspace theme, the LBell Night Light Galaxy Projector has recently been a big hit, on social media especially. This "lamp" brings the galaxy indoors and truly takes it to the next level by projecting a beautiful aurora starry light show. It projects a field of stars with 10 different colors and 360 degrees of rotational projections. It features a decent bluetooth speaker, auto-off timer, a remote, and sound activation. Reviewers state it gives your space a euphoric and ambient experience, and has an overall rating of a very positive 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Check out this galaxy projector here on Amazon!

3. Schylling Pac-Man Lamp

For all gamer fans alike is the Schylling Pac-Man lamp, it's remote controlled, includes a speaker which can play 12 retro Pac-Man sounds, and the brightness can be controlled with different settings. This ambient lamp is powered by a UK wall outlet plugin, with no support for batteries. Buyers in the States will unfortunately need to get an adapter to plug mister Pac-Man in their wall outlet. Reviewers mention it's amazing as a gift for your video game lover friend or quite simply, yourself. This lamp has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and one of the only negatives is the UK plug.

Check out the Pac-Man lamp here and the UK plugin adapter here on Amazon.

4. Pixel Pals Super Mario Light

Express your inner gamer with the Pixel Pals Super Mario Lamp! This lamp is officially licensed by Nintendo, and basically lights up pixel-art renditions of your favorite gaming characters. It features an on/off switch, is typically close to around 6 inches tall, and is identical to the characters you all know and love. Reviewers mention this lamp to be very bright, and the perfect gift for their gamer friends. The Pixel Pals lamp is powered by two AAA batteries or an optional USB adapter you can purchase separately.

Check out the Pixel Pals light here and the USB Adapter here on Amazon!

5. LENIVER LED Modern Table Lamp

The unique quad-circle design of the LENIVER LED table lamp is simple yet stunning. At an affordable $50.00 this table lamp looks very expensive, creative, elegant, and just gorgeous in general. This lamp has three different colors, warm, white, and natural light with ten levels of brightness adjustment. Bedroom, living room, office, or bookshelf, you can place this lamp anywhere and it's sure to drop jaws of your guests. Reviewers love the lamp, they mention it's very contemporary looking, the color temperature range is impressive, and dimmable settings are great.

Check out this modern lamp here on Amazon!

6. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf is sure to take your bedroom or office project to the next level. You can create any type of design with the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit and the panels will work perfectly. There's a Nanoleaf app where you can preview your desired shape and layout using augmented reality. With a full range of colors, you can have the panels dance to your favorite music as the Rhythm Module effectively sense audio and converts it to color and light for a unique experience. The panels are mountable using the included mounting tape, so no drilling is required. Reviewers absolutely love the Nanoleaf panels, and they often use it for gaming setups and room conversions.

Check out this Nanoleaf kit here on Amazon!

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