Apr 17, 2020

Did Carole Baskin Kill Her Husband?

Omar Abubakar

As just about the whole world has now seen the documentary Tiger King on Netflix, many viewers were left questioning how Carole Baskin, one of the main series protagonists, can say the things she has about her husband who disappeared and act as crazy as she has without being questioned or investigated more heavily. Like most people in the series, viewers like myself, are firm in the belief that she did indeed kill her husband and feed him to her mob of tigers.

As is being demonstrated at this moment in time, it seems to be a perfect crime. Kill your husband and feed his remains to your tigers and change his will to allow the mass of wealth to be transferred to your estate in the chance of death and/or “disappearance”. The stars aligned perfectly for her to pull this off, but the outcry from viewers has law enforcement looking back into the case.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spoke to Fox News about the case."We're committed to this investigation. We are actively working it and we have some new detectives assigned to the case that are fielding tips. Anyone with information about this case is asked to give us a call at 813-247-8200 and we will investigate it thoroughly. We don't have all the answers for the investigation that happened in 1997 but we are fully committed to the investigation in 2020 and finding answers for Mr. Lewis' family."

Maybe justice will be finally served to Carole Baskin and details will finally come out on the whereabouts of Don Lewis. This is, of course, speculatory and we will continue to monitor any emerging details on the case. For now, Tiger King remains one of the most thrilling series available on Netflix. As for Joe Exotic, he is facing a 22-year prison sentence based on counts such as selling tigers, 9 counts on the Endangered Species Act, falsifying delivery forms and 8 counts of the Lacey Act. Since the airing of the show, Joe has come out multiple times saying that he was wrongly convicted and is seeking a pardon from the president. President Trump has said that he will “look into it”, so possible good news for Joe Exotic fans. Do yourself a favor and use some of your self-quarantine time to watch the full series and determine what you think happened to Don Lewis.  

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