Mar 21, 2020

Donald Trump WWE Moments from History

Sergio Penguamo

ow that the world knows Donald Trump as the POTUS, it might be easy to neglect the other exciting parts of his history. But Trump’s eventful life guarantees that we won’t be forgetting in a hurry! Whatever you might think of him, Trump has done it all. One would be hard-pressed to deny the several thrilling moments he has had in the media.

“THE BEAUTY OF ME IS THAT I’M VERY RICH”Donald Trump During A WWE Appearance
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Donald Trump

Trump has one such memorable history with the WWE. His relationship with the world of wrestling first started in 1998 when Trump Plaza in Atlantic City hosted Wrestlemania, which is the annual WWE event. Beyond being a wrestling heel and WWE celebrity, Trump has since been inducted into WWE’s Hall of fame, after the world of wrestling recognized him as one of its superstars. Donald Trump is the first inductee that has ever held the position of the Commander-in-Chief in the United States of America.

In typical Trump fashion, some of the top moments of the WWE were created with him in the picture, literally. Here are our favourite Donald Trump’s WWE moments.

Critique Mood – Donald Trump vs Rosie O’Donnell:

In 2006, Actress Rosie O’Donnell criticized Trump for stripping a controversial Miss USA winner of her crown. This kickstarted a long bitter relationship between the two, probably because her criticism was so publicly voiced on The View. It didn’t take long for the feud to become material for WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Consequently, two wrestlers representing the media personalities took to the ring to “hash it out.” Want to guess who won?

Vice-President Trump? – Ventura Interviews Trump

Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor and veteran pro wrestler featured for WWE’s Wrestlemania XX. Because it was the 20th edition, McMahon probably intended for Ventura’s appearance to evoke nostalgia. When the former governing party singled Trump out for an interview, things got a bit more dramatic. Trump gave a commitment to provide 100% moral and financial support if the governor decided to run for another position. There was even some speculation as to whether or not Ventura was going to run for president, with Trump as his vice. Guess predicting the future wasn’t one of the strengths of WWE announcers — Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross.

Make It Rain – Trump vs McMahon

Imagine you are Vince McMahon, and you are confronted by a make-believe enemy. The last thing you’d want is for your money to pay for your opponent’s point against you. But that’s precisely what happened on the Monday Night Raw when Donald Trump appeared on the Jumbotron to confront McMahon.

Trump questions McMahon, “you claim that you tell your audience what they want, what they like, and all of that nonsense,” after which money rains down from the ceiling into the crowd. Trump finishes the dramatic comeback with a flush, “now that’s the way you show appreciation. Learn from it.” The best part; some of the money was actually real, and the spectators were thrilled!  The stunt would have been all well and good, but the money was Vince McMahon’s. Thus began the fictional WWE conflict between both men.

Hair vs. Hair – Trump vs McMahon

Fondly referred to as the Battle of the Billionaires, the show featured a bet between future POTUS and McMahon. The show was so successful that it was the highest-grossing pay-per-view at the time it was aired.

The bet was simple; whoever lost will get their mane shaved off. While two wrestlers representing the high profile betters fought, Trump and McMahon paced outside the ring. Bobby Lashley and Umaga fought tenaciously until Lashley won the match for Trump. An exhilarated Trump clapped in front of McMahon’s face and grabbed a pair of clippers. Lashley helped the victor hold down The WWE chairman as Trump shaved his hair off!

What A Stone Cold Stunner! – Austine vs Trump

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You’d think that the highlight of the night would be a shaved McMahon, but someone still had something in store for Trump. Right after he shaved the WWE chairman, Stone Cold Steve Austine kicked Trump in the stomach, head locked him and slammed him into the ground! Steve Austine, who has guest-refereed the just-concluded battle, was a pro who retired in 2003. Trump looked pretty frazzled, as one might expect if you hadn’t rehearsed taking a stone-cold stunner!

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Raw For Sale  – Trump vs McMahon

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Donald Trump

In the summer of 2009, Trump purchased Monday Night Raw from a less-than frazzled McMahon. Trump makes a lot of promises to the viewers, including telling them that he will convert the show to live-viewing and produce it commercial-free.

Like most of the Monday Night Raw episodes, it was a well played-stunt. However, USA and WWE networks sent out press releases to commensurate the deal. Consequently, it didn’t take long for the stock of the show to plummet by 7 percent.

In an attempt to fix what might have been considered a botched publicity stunt, McMahon buys back his show from Trump in a later episode. This is where Trump has one of his best moments in WWE. He sells back Monday Night Raw for twice the price! Talk about a suave businessman.

Great WWE Legend – Trump’s Induction

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Donald Trump

On a podium at Madison Square Garden in 2013, Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It was a big moment for him and the wrestling world as the inductee accepted his place in the pro wrestling pantheon. He currently holds a place in the hall of Fame alongside legends like Booker T. and Mick Foley.

An ever-confident Trump bragged about the ratings from the episode with the Battle of the Billionaires —  Wrestlemania XXIII. McMahon concluded that Trump was a Wrestlemania institution and predicted to a booing crow, the following quote.


We would just have to guess if McMahon saw into the future!

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