Aug 16, 2020

Why Fall Guys Is The Gateway To A New Era of Gaming

Ven Daniels

elly bean-looking creatures wearing hilarious costumes whilst making bouncy, goofy noises as they jump around and fall all over the map. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? This August 4, 2020 released game is the newest sensation in the gaming community which introduces a new dynamic to the battle royale game mode.

What Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an elimination-based game which revolves around a number of jellybean-like characters who take part in a variety of minigames with one goal only - qualify for the next round. The concept sounds awfully similar to the American gameshow Wipeout, or even MXC, doesn't it? Fall Guys pits you against 59 other players on a variety of challenging obstacle courses, and only a certain number of players can advance to the next round. Some games will have you dodging moving walls, running through doors while attempting not to hit fake ones, and narrowly avoiding the rising slime that'll eliminate you the moment it touches you. Also included in the small variety of minigames are simple team games like soccer and chicken egg collecting where your team advances to the next round before you and your past teammates battle it out. Once there are about 10 or so players left, only one can win that prized gold crown.

The game's main source of progression is an in-game currency that is obtained based on round performance, which you can use in the item shop to purchase fun cosmetics. The cosmetics in Fall Guys uses one similar to that of Fortnite, where you have gear that ranges from uncommon (grey) all the way to legendary (gold) where you use either the in-game currency to purchase them, or crowns which are awarded to you for wins. But don't get your hopes up, getting wins is not that easy!

Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform?

This game is hilariously fun and you're not the only one wondering if you can play Fall Guys with your other friends on the console you don't have. This game is currently launched on PC and PS4, unfortunately Xbox and Nintendo Switch users are short out of luck if they want to get their hands on this game. For those lucky to own a PC or PS4, they can play with those on the same console, but right now the answer is no, there is no cross-platform play in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The development team, Mediatonic, has stated they really want to add a cross-play feature in the future but unfortunately couldn't make it happen in time for the official release.

Does Fall Guys Have Couch Co-op?

Fall Guys also doesn't have a local multiplayer game mode. At this point in time, the only way you can play with friends simultaneously is through online multiplayer. For those who have a few friends over, opting to share the controller or keyboard around is about the only thing you can do.

What Is Unique About Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys is a very simple game, the mechanics are extremely easy-to-grasp, it's very approachable, there are no explicit themes, and it's the most welcoming battle royale on the market. The art style is vibrant and friendly, the character dynamics are downright comedic, and the minigames are very fun, especially with friends. It's a breath of fresh air to play a game within the battle royale genre which isn't a first-person or third-person shooter, in that perspective Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout just might be the gateway to a new era of gaming, or the battle royale genre specifically. You don't need a gun or detailed customization to make a fun last-man standing game, but a unique idea, art style, and just a concept that just really stands out from the rest.

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