May 3, 2020

Famous Ferrari F40 is Found in Iraq

Jeffrey Chin

any of our readers will be familiar with an article we posted recently about Uday Hussein’s abandoned Ferarri F40. Little did we know the world began searching for this famous Ferrari F40 and low and behold, tracked it down.

YouTuber Ratarossa put the word out that he was trying to track down more information about the car, it’s whereabouts, more details on the car’s condition, anything that would help narrow down the exact location of the car. To his surprise, valuable information started flooding in from sources all over the globe.

Finding the famous car

Through some clever observation of existing photos of the car, it was determined the location of this famous Ferrari F40 was in Erbil, Iraq near a Yasamin Fuel station on the outskirts of the city.

Sometime afterward being located near this fuel station, this famous Ferrari F40 was moved to a second location from which numerous updated images of the car were forwarded to Ratarossa. Visibly in worse condition than before, it was determined that despite missing multiple parts, there had been numerous attempts to repair this famous F40.

With only 3,764 kilometers on the odometer, this F40 had seemed to be barely used, having its life as one of the world’s best supercars cut criminally short. It was to Ratarossa’s surprise that he received new video footage of the car, cleaned of the decades worth of sand and dust, and in the capable hands of a Belgian Ferrari specialist who has valuable experience working with F40’s in the past.


Quickly getting to work this specialist started the disassembly of the beating heart of this famous Ferrari F40 rebuilding the engine to working order after sourcing parts from all over the world.

Gas Monkey gets involved

Big Chris, a well known automotive journalist and member of the Gas Monkey team receives a call from none other than Richard Rawlings, Gas Monkey Garage asking Big Chris to fly to Iraq and try to track down this incredibly famous Ferrari F40. Since American passport holders were not permitted to travel to Iraq for leisure vacations Richard Rawlings had his hands tied unable to send himself or any of his American colleagues overseas to find the car. It was up to Big Chris to complete the mission.

Richard Rawlings in front of Gas Monkey’s Ferrari F40 – Source

Once the car was found, exporting it would be another story. Up against language barriers, unsafe conditions, and complex logistics, it would be difficult to get the car back to a place where it could be saved. back in 2016, Big Chris was unable to close a deal on purchasing this famous F40 and it remained in Iraq.

Ferrari F40 spotted

Fast forward to 2019 and none other than the mechanic himself who worked on this incredible car was spotted driving the famous F40 on the streets.

Where is the car now?

While it still requires some elbow grease, a wealthy private collector still bought the car who has since spent a serious amount of money buying and restoring this famous F40. However, with that said, it is still up for sale for the right amount of money.



All in all, there are few cars that have such an incredible story attached to them. This famous F40 will surely have collectors, Ferrari fans, and gear heads all over the world talking.

Check out Ratarossa’s video for a full recap of the story around this incredible Ferrari F40.

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