Feb 16, 2021

G-Shock Alternative Watch for $20

Sergio Penguamo

hen it comes to sports watches most people look for something lightweight, comfortable, and multi-functional. Whether you are tracking intervals, lap times, or simply need a watch you can wear at the gym, this Skmei watch might be a perfect fit. In addition to ticking all the boxes, the SKMEI is a comfortable watch to wear and is lightweight and durable enough for constant use.

Many people will immediately recognize this watch, as it is unmistakable a homage to the very popular brand G-Shock. This style of watch is a very popular style that is mimicked across a number of different brands all over the world with similar functionality. Compared with the authentic version of this model, the SKMEI alternative is a much cheaper option.

The case for this watch is made of durable black plastic with bumpers that stick out past the buttons in order to protect them from any direct hits and measures a hefty 55mm. The buttons themselves have a knurled pattern on them making them easy to find in the dark or on the go. Continuing with its plastic design this model also has a plastic dome covering and seems to be relatively scratch resistant.


This particular model is packed with features such as day and date, analog and digital time display, GMT functionality with notated bezel featuring multiple cities, multiple alarms, a stopwatch, and a green-colored backlight with matching green lume applied to the hour and minute hands. The movement is a battery powered quartz movement that is completely silent for those who can't stand the loud ticking many watches can make.

For the price of around $20, this is an incredible deal for a watch with this much functionality and styling. The quality of the band and case feel durable enough for daily use with mention of the potentially weak clasp. However, if this watch were to malfunction or break at any point, it can be easily and affordably replaced with a brand new one. This watch is also available in a number of different color combinations and even includes various camouflage options.

One thing to note when it comes to this particular watch is that the band is not easily replaceable with aftermarket ones. Because of the specialized attachment this particular model has finding a replacement may prove difficult.

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