Sep 10, 2020

Gaming Setup Of The Week - Week 5: RGB Heaven

Ven Daniels

elcome to @rabidchipmunkk's colorful and vibrant gaming setup. Here we have a splash of Miami-style or cyberpunk-themed lights coming from various RGB sources ranging from LED strips, bulbs, computer hardware, and of course Nanoleaf panels. Rabidchipmunkk is a streamer who streams for team Royalty RGB and owns a wide range of high quality streaming components as well as an extremely powerful computer.

Ryzen 3700x, and the beastly RTX 2060 are only a couple pieces that create this powerful gaming and streaming setup. With plenty of color, minimal clutter, room for all of the essentials, and a clean environment makes this space pleasing to the eyes. With no expenses spared, the build components can be viewed below:

PC Components


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