Sep 23, 2020

Gaming Setup Of The Week - Week 7: Natural Lighting

Ven Daniels

or some people, RGB lighting isn't their primary focus for their gaming setups, or they just simply don't like it. Like iDayTrade's clean, simple, minimal gaming setup, they would absolutely love the natural beam of light surrounding the entire office. We have what looks like a comfortable office chair, a desk built with a Home Depot countertop with industrial steel furniture legs, a dual-monitor setup for an improved viewing experience, and a white keyboard to match the NZXT H510 computer case. Oh, and don't forget the frenchie!

The computer is surely no slouch. The NZXT case houses a Ryzen 9 3900X, Asus Prime motherboard, RTX 2070 GPU, and a Kraken X63 liquid cooler to keep this beast at the optimal running temperature. This gaming setup has style and power combined into one; in the form of aesthetics, this setup can compete with the best of them.

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