Jul 13, 2021

Great Budget Sports Watch

Sergio Penguamo

ports watches are standard gear for athletes today. Asides from telling time, these multifunctional timepieces typically come with GPS navigation, tell the weather, monitor heart rates, give readings for atmospheric and body temperature, among other functionalities. Many high-end sports watches also double as personal coaches; providing real-time data that may help athletes understand and improve their techniques.

Perhaps though, the most important quality of any sports watch is its ruggedness. A sports watch should stand the test of time, be weather and sweat-resistant, and should be able to survive impacts.

There are a host of sports watches on the market from many brands that check all these boxes, but you may get a rude shock when you check out their price tags. In addition, if you decide to go for very cheap sports watches, many of these may display false information or break after a few weeks.

So where lies the balance between great functionality, aesthetic appeal, durability, and most importantly, a pocket-friendly price tag for sports watches? We found just the one for you!

The Sanda 739 Sports Men's Watch

The Sanda Sports Watch is an alloy black/grey timepiece with a tactical army design. It looks and functions like a typical sports watch but still has a few extra aces up its sleeve. The best part is that you can get one for just $21.99 on Amazon.

Key Features

Unlike some sports watches for men, you can wear this piece almost anywhere and on any outfit and not look weird. It features a scratch-resistant crystal, an alarm, and a stopwatch, which is more than other models offer. This versatile sports watch is pretty easy to read, thanks to its luminescent minute and hour hands that contrast with the black 53mm dial.

It features four tiny screws on the back, comes with a dual analog and digital time display format (dual-time), and its head is fitted with little pieces that grip the wrist perfectly. Its digital display reads time in 12/24 hour formats, and while it may be somewhat dark, its LED backlighting makes it tolerable; plus, it also comes with a date and week display.

The description says that it’s water-resistant to up to 3 ATMs (98 ft) and shockproof, which is quite impressive for a sports watch of that price, if true. The soft bands on the Sanda Sports Watch are pretty solid and wrist-comfy, with a smooth texture. Other impressive features of the Sanda Military Sports Watch are its long battery life, ABS body, and Adopt imported quartz movement.

It also comes with an overall brushed gray metal finish that seamlessly blends with the dark band into a low-profile timepiece for just about anyone.


While the Sanda 739 Sports Men's watch is a fantastic timepiece that athletes and sports enthusiasts will love, there are a couple of things that could be better.

First, its dial and sub-dials may take some time to learn as it sports a pretty technical look. Most other sports watches are easier to read.

In addition, it may not the best option for rigorous sporting activities, mostly because of its cheap aluminum buckle that doesn’t look like it can stand the test of time. Another issue is that it comes with just one strap loop instead of two, which may cause the band to fall out of place often.

Our Verdict

We didn’t expect perfection for a watch with its price tag, but the Sanda 739 sports watch is a strong contender. It is a fantastic accessory for light fitness activities, and you can wear it pretty much anywhere. Cheap sports watches don’t get better than the Sanda 739 Sports Men's Watch, so get yourself one!

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