Jun 7, 2021

Great Headphone Stand That Checks All The Boxes

Genevieve Montague

eadphones are useful gadgets that are used almost daily. They can be used with laptops, gaming consoles, and phones. With their curved design and fragility, headphones need to be properly stored when not in use. They cannot be carelessly thrown around, hence the need for a headphone stand.

Headphone stands are gadget accessories that are used to securely hold the headphone in place when not in use. With a headphone stand, you know exactly where to look for your headphones every time.

However, like all other gadget accessories, there are many headphone stands available. They come in different colors, designs, and prices. This abundance of headphone stands makes it difficult to settle for one. To save you the stress, we have one that we think you’ll like.

The AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

The AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand is an easy-to-use minimalist stand that will not clutter your table. It is a universally sized headphone stand that supports headphones of any size. The stand comes with an acrylic construction and a transparent body. The headphone stand is made up of a base and headphone holder.

Key Features

The AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand comes with a simple design and requires no elaborate setup to use. You simply place it firmly on the desk and hang the headphone around it. 

The stand has a concave structure that looks just like the curved headband of a typical headphone. The concave structure allows the headphone’s headband to snuggly fit around the stand. Another great feature of the stand is that the earpads also rest firmly on the side of the stand; they are not left to hang freely.

The headphone stand leaves your table decluttered and tidy. The stand’s concave structure ends in an indentation that forms two feet that collectively serve as the stand’s base. The feet are firm and sit well on many surfaces. The distance of 4.1 inches between the two feet means the headphone stand will not take much of the space on your desk. 

Measuring 8.1 ounces in weight, the headphone stand’s acrylic build makes it lightweight and durable. The stand will not break at the slightest impact, neither will it be an extra burden for you to carry around. 

The headphone stand is available in different colors to suit individual aesthetic tastes and desk-top décor preferences.


The absence of a dedicated space to hang the cable of wired headsets is the headphone stand’s major downside.

Another downside is that you have to stretch the headphone anytime you want to place it on the stand or remove it, which is not exactly effortless.


Yes, it is worth it. For its $11 price tag, the headphone is a good buy considering the quality of other similarly priced headphones. Despite its cons, the headphone stand keeps the headphone safely stored without unnecessarily crowding up the table.

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