Feb 20, 2020

Honda Civic with a Style You’ve Never Seen

Jeffrey Chin

ave you heard of wild-splatter painted cars before now? The emerging trend sees cars repainted and redesigned with different colors in the splatter/graffiti style, just like the Honda Civic in the video. This way, you can personalize your car to make it look weird and cool at the same time!

The video shows a Honda Civic with an unusual color pattern. Although nicely done, the bizarre design can’t but attract a lot of attention because of the fun coat of many colors. The exterior shows off multiple colors, including green, black, pink, and teal splattered in varying proportions over what used to be a white car. The tire sides are coated in bright pink. The interior has nude leather seats splattered with pink, purple and bright green paints. Altogether, its bold look is bizarre and fascinating! We’ve got to admit that this is as far as it gets from boring.

Moreover, several artists have taken to designing cars with paint splatters. The resulting look is certainly not dull!

This artist and other pimp cars by redoing both exterior and interior parts with paint splatters. The creative result gives you something close to a brand new car! Multiple art lovers have made their cars look pretty cool with these unique paint jobs. You also can spice things up by pimping your vehicle like this.


To get your Honda Civic to look like the one in the video, all you have to do is find a good graffiti artist. If you are confident in your skills, you can even take up the project yourself! Either way, your Honda Civic will transform from regular to bold, and that ought to take care of any form of boredom! How do you feel about this splatter painted do-over for your Honda Civic?

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