Jul 7, 2020

How You Can Get Rid of Skunk Smell

Anthony Balogne

kunks are not that common of an animal to run into. Compare how many times someone has been sprayed by a skunk in a movie, to real life. Yah, never. So the real question is: why are you searching for how to get rid of skunk smell if you’ve never actually seen a skunk? A good guess would be your parents are coming over, your landlord put something in the agreement you don’t always listen to, or there are cops near-by. By now, you should know we’re not talking about a real skunk here, rather, something that has been compared to the smell of skunk quite often and is becoming legal in more places by the day. Weed. We’re talking about weed.

Below are a couple ways to mask and dictate the smell of cannabis.

Candles and Incense

Candles are by far one of the most common and simple solutions to get rid of that skunk-like odor. Candles are cheap, easy to maintain, and come in every smell you can imagine. A “mans man” might not want something perfume based, but basic vanilla will always be appropriate. Still to girly? Try fresh cut grass, sawdust, or mud scent. Yes, those exist. Or you can also be comfortable in your sexuality and know a true man may enjoy a fresh peach bellini candle.

Incense is also a pretty classic “hippy” fragrance. The aroma ventured from east to the west through yoga and meditation practitioners, who often partook in cannabis. The incense smoke will also visually mask the cannabis smoke that lingers.


Febreeze and Air Freshers

Everyone has grabbed a can of Febreeze and completely doused a room in it. Why? Because it’s practical and spraying it gives you the visual representation of something happening. Just be careful. Sometimes people with perfume allergies might not take kindly to the strong smell.

Another option is the classic car air freshener. Grab that classic black ice scented air freshener and hang it from your ceiling. Yes, it won’t be the most stylish option, but it will be effective.


Point a Fan out the Window

Open up a window and smoke nearby. Turn a fan towards the window and then switch it on. This will help blow the smoke outdoors. It will help you with how to get rid of skunk smell.


The Old Bathroom Fan Trick

If you’re desperate… You can always go into a bathroom with a ventilation fan and a match stick. Light up and turn on the fan. The majority of the smoke will be sucked out by the fan and the rest of the smell will be masked by the burnt match stick.

Cook Something Aromatic

You’re going to be hungry anyways! Grab that recipe full of spices and fragrant ingredients. Cook up something tasty that is sure to mask one smell with something more powerful.


Don’t Forget About You

Chances are, if your apartment reeks, so do your breath and clothes. Spray a little cologne/perfume, and either brush your teeth or grab a stick of gum on your way out the door.


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