Apr 25, 2020

Jerry Jones Spends NFL Draft on His $250M Super Yacht

Matthew Mann

f you’re not aware of the NFL Virtual draft, read this first; it will get you up to speed.

The NFL Draft started April 23rd, and to many people’s surprise, it went pretty smoothly. Sure, some of the analysts had some awkward pauses, but you get that every night on the news, it’s nothing new.

A lot of crazy things happen, Borrow went #1, the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers replacement, but even more significantly interesting is Jerry Jones flexing harder during his NFL Draft picks than anyone thought possible.

Each head coach, GM, and team owner had an at-home war room where they called the shots. We saw some interesting set-ups pre-draft, but some even better ones live. The head honcho himself Roger Goodell held the draft from his basement, Kliff Kingsbury drafted from his brand new mansion (shown below), but Jerry Jones decided to set up his NFL Draft War Room on his $250M, 351 ft, superyacht. Yah you heard me right, Jerry Jones thought it made the most sense to call Cee Dee Lamb to congratulate him from the Houston Harbour in what looks to be a Bond villain’s layer.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Home
Jerry Jones NFL Draft aboard his Super Yacht Source

The master marketer himself pulled out all the stops. In typical Jerry Jones fan fair, he saw that 5-second clip as another way to showcase the Dallas Cowboy brand in dramatic fashion. While most GMs were focused on filling holes in their team, Jerry Jones reminded everyone why he’s worth $8.5B USD.

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