Oct 26, 2021

Keep Your Vehicle in Check with the AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Genevieve Montague

opping into your vehicle to go from place to place simply can’t be accomplished without having 4 high performing tires. When tires are not inflated properly, you will risk excessive wear and tear which can lead to bigger problems in the future. For this reason, it’s very important to check your tire gauge using advice that offers accurate measurements each and every time.

Introducing the AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, the latest device equipped with multiple measurement settings, non-slip ergonomic grip and accurate tire pressure readings. Follow along as we review the key features and device flaws of this handy tool before offering our final verdict.

Key Features

Easy to Use

Whether you’re a first-time user of a tire pressure gauge or are a long-time user of the traditional versions, you can rest assured that the AstroAI digital tire pressure gauge will be an easy tool to use.

Simply press the “ON/UNIT/OFF” button to turn on your device, select the range and measure. After taking the tire pressure, the gauge will automatically reset so there is no need to calibrate or reset the device. As an added bonus, there isa power saving mode that will automatically shut off the device after 30-40seconds when it’s not in use.

Accurate Measurements

One of the top features offered with the AstroAI digital tire pressure gauge is its accurate measurements. Designed to provide reliable readings comparable to your traditional pressure gauge (within 1-2 PSI), you’ll be able to reduce your tire wear and extend tire life quite significantly without having any of the guesswork.

The nozzle forms a solid seal with the valve stem on any sort of Schrader valve. With this, you can use this device to get accurate pressure readings on your car, truck, motorcycle, bike, and more!

Multiple Settings Available

With the AstroAI pressure gauge, you’ll get 4 different settings to help you monitor your tire pressure. These settings include 0-10 Bar, 0-1000 KPI, 0-10 Kgf/cm²and 4-150 PSI, which is the default setting. You’ll also be able to easily seethe reading using the backlit LCD on your gauge.

Product Flaws

From a functionality point of view, the AstroAI digital tire pressure gauge performs well compared to non-digital products on the market. However, the one flaw that comes with using a device like this is the loss of battery power over time.Once the 3 watch batteries (included in your purchase) lose power, you’ll need to purchase more.

The only problem is, the cost of these batteries is about the same cost of the pressure gauge itself.

Final Verdict

Overall, the AstroAI digital tire pressure gauge is a fantastic product that offers accurate measurements in a light-weight, easy to use device. Keeping in mind that the automatic power saving mode will keep your device full of power form any uses, we don’t find it too concerning that you’d need to purchase new batteries anytime soon.  

If you’re interested in the AstroAI digital tire pressure gauge, you can find it on Amazon for only $17.99.

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