Kim Jong Un Quarantined on Yacht

Jeffrey Chin

ust days ago, multiple sources reported that Kim Jong Un had died from complications during a surgery. A Chinese media outlet had stated that one of the surgeons working on the North Korean leader, was shaking so much that the placement of the heart stent went horribly wrong and ended in his death.

The narrative has switched today, as new satellite imagery shows luxury yachts moving and docking near Wonsan. The yachts are often used by Kim Jong Un and his following in the same area so some conclusions are being drawn.

The North Korea monitoring website NK PRO reported new satellite imagery with the large boats movement suggesting that the leader and his entourage are on the move and possibly taking refuge.

Kim Jong Un’s Wonsan complex via satellite image taken over Wonsan, North Korea on April 21, 2020. 38 North/Handout via REUTERS

Hiding Out

Officials from South Korea suggest that he may be using the yachts to refrain from COVID-19 exposure. South Korea was also quite vocal in their skepticism of his possible illness and death. The leader’s health and whereabouts are very close kept secrets and can change the narrative on the strength of North Korea. The last known location of Kim Jong Un was on April 11, 2020 at a meeting, so reports of his whereabouts have varied tremendously.

Kim Jong Un has been vocal about his love for his compound in Wonsan. It boasts a private runway, train station, basketball court and private beach. If he has relocated to his private resort and is hiding out from the coronavirus pandemic, he would not lack amenities.

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